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Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to caring for your loved one as if they were family. Get to know our team.

  • Tom Koenig

    President Emeritus
    BrightStar of Schaumburg, Park Ridge, Kane County, and DeKalb County is owned and operated by Tom and Barb Koenig. We are the proud parents of six children. . .we know the importance of family. We weren’t always involved with home healthcare. We were both off pursuing careers and raising our family when Tom’s mom first begin to act differently. This person who always had a keen mind and wit first started to become forgetful and then started to misplace things. Over time she became increasingly erratic and then combative in her behavior. That’s when, after testing, we realized that she had dementia. This family tragedy, which so very many other families have experienced, became a turning point in our lives. In 2008, Tom decided to join the BrightStar family and devote his life to caring for people like his own mom. Tom’s mom has since passed away. Now it is his father who requires care. Although mentally sound, like so many people his age, he is a fall risk. His live-in caregiver has been a blessing to our family. The ability to have live-in care has allowed our family to be loving children and grandchildren again instead of caregivers. Our goal, our commitment as a company is to care for our clients as though they were members of our own family. We want, and expect, that all of our clients will be cared for as we want and expect Tom’s father will be cared for. Nothing less is acceptable.
    Tom Koenig
  • Don Forlani

    As an owner of the company, Don is responsible for the financial operations of BrightStar Care. His dedication to innovation ensures that we are in contant pursuit to improve and enhance the care we provide. With two grandparents who battled and ultimately succumbed to Alzheimer's disease and another who is showing signs of it, Don, like so many members of our BrightStar team, knows what it is like to care for a family member in need. In addition to all he does here in our office, Don also manages the North Houston BrightStar Care operation. His free time is dedicated to his wife, son, and dog.
    Dan Forlani
  • Gail Fusz, MS, RN,CHCE

    Director of Nursing
    Gail has over 30 years of home health experience. In her role at BrightStar, Gail oversees the nursing and caregiver teams and coordinates their orientation and training.  Gail conducts chart audits, performance improvement activities and quality assurance projects to ensure that BrightStar is always rendering the best care possible. She promotes professionalism among her nurses and encourages them to acquire new clinical skills.  Gail also teaches her nurses how to manage a caseload of clients using organizational skills.  Gail has an active weekend life with her husband, grandchildren, and a thoroughbred horse, named Stewart!
    Gail Fusz
  • Crystal Fitpold, RN

    Director of Operations
    As our Director of Operations, Crystal leads, manages, and holds all agency staff accountable to deliver consistent, safe, compassionate, and high-quality care to every client. She is the one who makes sure all of our clients, both individuals and organizations, receive the appropriate staff to fit their particular needs. In her tenure at BrightStar, Crystal has served in almost every capacity. She began as a Staff Nurse, providing care for our clients, then as a RN Care Manager providing client care oversight, followed by serving as our Director of Nursing and now as our Director of Operations. She truly understands what it takes to provide quality care for our clients and the service that their families expect.
    Crystal Fitpold
  • Julie Fusz

    Client Care Coordinator
    Julie's primary focus is to provide appropriate staffing at all the facilities that we serve.  As you can imagine, this can be a stressful, demanding job. Julie's upbeat personality and "can do" attitude enable her to satisfy the needs of various facilities, no matter how demanding their needs may be. Julie is a natural teacher and is at her best when she is training our staff on our mobile platform that allows them to clock in, out and chart remotely in realtime. With a laugh that keeps our whole office smiling, she truly is our "Bright Star."
    Julie Fusz
  • Monica John-Atwood, BSN

    Client Care Coordinator
    Monica’s friendly voice is the first you may hear when you call our office. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and experience caring for a loved one, Monica has both a technical and personal understanding of the needs of our clients and the care they require. Her experience allows Monica to understand the importance of getting just the right fit between clients and caregivers. Her goal is to ensure that our clients are cared for as though they were members of our own family.
    Monica John-Atwood
  • Liz Lorant

    Client Care Coordinator
     Liz is the smiling face that greets our employees and clients when they arrive at our office. She demonstrates her versatility every day by managing a wide variety of responsibilities. She matches both clients and facilities with the best staff to meet there needs while also assisting in billing, payroll, and human resources. She is creative and kind and is known for developing close relationships with her clients. It is not uncommon for Liz to send her clients gifts, or even  their favorite soap when they can't get out to buy it themselves.
    Liz Lorant
  • Gustavo Reyes

    Operations Associate
    Our  Operations Associate, Gustavo Reyes, has grown from a part-time office assistant to an integral part of our Operations department over  the last six years.  Gustavo ensures that our billing is precise and that our clients receive our documentation promptly. His consistency and accuracy with insurance submissions allows our clients to receive reimbursements quickly and reliably.  He is always there to help any client, employee, or colleague with in need.
    Gustavo Reyes
  • Cheryl Reis, BSN, RN

    Kane County Community Liaison
    Cheryl received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Oklahoma- "Boomer Sooner!" , but it is her personal experience of caring for her own mother that has prepared her for her career at BrightStar and working with clients and families. "I personally understand the challenges and daily stress of caring for a loved one-the role reversal and making decisions and providing care for my mother with Alzheimer's Disease. It is my greatest joy to bring comfort and peace of mind to the families I work with- knowing we have been able to keep their loved one safe, independent, fulfilled and happy in their home."
    Cheryl Reis
  • Jo-Ann O'Neil, RN, CRRN

    Kane County Care Manager
    Having recently been involved with the care of her own father, Jo-Ann knows what it is like to provide care for a parent in need. Jo-Ann is an experienced nurse with a great background for a Nurse Care Manager. She has worked in schools, long-term care, case management, and home health. As a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse, she is uniquely qualified to guide our clients on their road to recovery and promote health and safety. Jo-Ann is a valuable resource for our staff, clients and families alike.
    Jo-Ann O'Neil
  • Hannah Wiley

    Human Resources Coordinator
    As the Human Resources Coordinator, Hannah’s focus is on compliance, recruiting, and retention. She started in healthcare as an intern but realized her passion after her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Now, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an ambition to encourage others, and a positive approach, Hannah is able to ensure the safety and satisfaction of employees and clients. When she’s not supporting the BrightStar Team, she enjoys photography and drawing. 
    Hannah Wiley

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