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  • Melissa Janicke

    Owner, President
    “I am Melissa Janicke.  I am Co-Owner and President of BrightStar Care.  My background is in Business Development and Sales in both the medical and health and wellness fields.   I’m proud to work with our fantastic team to bring the highest quality of care to our community.  Our mission has become very personal to me as my dad is on service with us.  I understand the difference having quality in-home care can make to a family.  It can be life-changing.  We have become the trusted provider for home care, medical staffing, and in-home infusion care in New Hampshire because of our team’s tireless dedication to quality through consistent process improvement.  When I’m not working, I love spending time with my husband Garret, our two kids, and two crazy rescue labs.  I love the outdoors, traveling, skiing, and boating.”
    Melissa Janicke
  • Garret Janicke

    Co-Owner, Director of Sales
    “I am Garret Janicke, and I am Co-Owner and Director of Sales of BrightStar Care. I have spent the last 20+ years in healthcare in medical sales in both the infusion industry and hospital supply chain management.  I am committed to our mission and strive to ensure we are a presence of good and caring for the greater community, our clients, and our various health care partners.  Our elders, including my aging parents, deserve to be taken care of with caring, trust, and compassion.  I enjoy spending time with my family and volunteering in the community with a focus on youth sports and have coached baseball or football in Bedford since 2017.”
    Garret Janicke
  • Amy Doucette

    Vice President of Operations
    "Hello! My name is Amy Doucette and I am the Vice President of Operations here at BrightStar Care.  I have been involved in the medical field in one capacity or another since I was 18 years old when I became a CNA for the first time.  Since, I have been licensed as an EMT, caring for people as an emergency responder, and attended nursing school.  I have always had an affinity toward both medicine and business and am happiest when I am able to marry the two.  In my current role, I have just that.  Every day, I am able to interact with people and touch their lives in a multitude of ways; including providing personal care and working behind the scenes ensuring proper care and support is being provided.  I very much enjoy my role and find it to be very rewarding.  You can rest-assured that here at BrightStar Care, we will work to make you feel both comfortable and confident that you or your loved one will be well cared for."
    Amy Doucette
  • Jenna Crocker

    RN, BSN, Clinical Supervisor
    "I am Jenna Crocker, and I am the Clinical Supervisor here at BrightStar Care. I oversee our home care business. My passion has always been to uplift people every day during their most challenging times. As an RN, my goal is to positively impact the lives of those around me. I started my nursing journey nine years ago as a Licensed Nursing Assistant at a long-term care facility, and immediately knew that nursing was the path for me. After I completed my ADN, I was eager and ready to begin my nursing journey. I started my nursing career at Concord Hospital was honored to impact the lives of patients and families within the medical oncology community. Spreading happiness and cheer while providing high quality care is something that I am dedicated to and work hard to accomplish every day. I soon realized I could give so much more to my patients by continuing my education and pursuing my BSN. Obtaining my BSN allowed me to grow my knowledge base and pursue endless opportunities within the medical field. When I came to Brightstar Care in 2020 I faced a new challenge, homecare. Homecare was new to me, but I very quickly fell in love with the ability to provide quality care to people in the comfort of their own home. I knew within a short amount of time, that I could fulfill my purpose and passion here at BrightStar Care. As a nurse, I am committed to serving this incredible community with the resources it needs to help provide quality, compassionate, and supportive care throughout all the stages in life because homecare is not simply a career, it is a calling."
    Jenna Crocker
  • Mike Doucette

    Director of Skilled Services
    "I am Mike Doucette, the Director of Skilled Services.  I manage the skilled nursing division here at BrightStar Care.  I believe in the importance of team culture and work hard to build and maintain the best team of high-tech nurses in NH.  Receiving in-home infusions or other nursing care can be overwhelming.  My top priority is providing our skilled patients with the best possible experience by being a trusted partner in their care.  My background is in emergency medicine and leading teams of first responders in various settings.  When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, gardening, and enjoying the outdoors."
    Mike Doucette
  • Emily Werner

    Community Liaison
    “I am Emily Werner; Community Liaison for BrightStar Care. My background is in business development, and marketing in the medical field.

    I received me bachelor’s degree in psychology, and master’s degree in healthcare administration. I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings including pharmaceutical, assisted living, skilled nursing, and hospice and home care agencies. I provide a wealth of knowledge in the medical field and enjoy being there for people in need. Either giving advice or being someone to confide in. My Mother always told me treat others how you want to be treated, and always do the right thing.

    I am excited to be a part of the BrightStar team, to continue to spread the word on how wonderful the care is that our team provides to our community.”
  • Odalys Lunnin

    Branch Manager
    “Hi, I’m Odalys Lunnin, the Branch Manager of BrightStar Care.  I believe that healthcare is my calling.  While growing up in NJ, my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor and needed a wide range of in-home care.  The social workers, physicians, and teachers that came to our home had a major impact on my family.  This is where my dream of working in healthcare started.  I wanted to give back to help others in need.

    I received a softball scholarship to the University of Rhode Island where I majored in Human Development and Family Studies.  The lessons learned playing softball at the college level are carried with me today.  I learned what it means to be part of a team, to work with others, to be committed, and to have a great work ethic. 

    After obtaining my degree, I received my first job opportunity in Massachusetts working with clients in the mental health field.  I then worked for a Long-Term Care Insurance Provider assisting policy holders to obtain home care.  This is where I was first introduced to BrightStar Care. I would refer our policy to holders to BrightStar Care because they provided the highest quality of care and that experience stayed with me.  I have gained experience in many areas of health care; however, home care is where I am meant to be.  Being a part of the BrightStar Care team is a full circle experience for me.  Working in home care is what I was meant to do and to be given the opportunity to work for a company who made an impact on me early in my healthcare career is a dream come true.  It is a privilege be part of a team who works together to fulfill the Brightstar Mission by providing quality, compassionate, and supportive care throughout all stages of life in the comfort of our clients’ homes.  Being able to give back by providing services to our clients and positively impacting their lives, just like my sister’s life was impacted, is what drives me every day.”
  • Quinci Morin-Farias

    Home Care Coordinator
    "Hi, my name is Quinci Morin-Farias. I bring a wealth of personal experience and compassion to my role as Home Care Coordinator for our MA office of BrightStar Care.

    My journey began in home care during my senior year of high school when my veteran father fell ill and my life’s path shifted. For the next ten years, I devoted myself to his care. This decade-long experience has instilled in me a deep understanding of the changes faced by families in similar situations.

    In my current role, I am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. I’m driven by the belief that everyone deserves the highest standard of care and support in the comfort of their own homes – no matter where they call home.

    I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether you're seeking assistance or looking to be a part of our dedicated team, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Together, let's create a community where care knows no bounds."
    Rachel Richards
  • Renee Normand

    Home Care Coordinator
    “Hello, My name is Renee Normand I am the NH Home Care Coordinator here at BrightStar Care. I have been in the Medical Field for over 20 years. Prior to working at BrightStar I was a Medical Assistant in Family Medicine. I absolutely loved my patients and getting to know them, their stories and overall healthcare needs. In my current role I can see clients from the same perception but meeting their needs at a different capacity. I enjoy providing staffing for the clients that is truly a match for both the client and the caregiver. At BrightStar we goal to provide a higher standard of care for your loved one. I enjoy being able to create that experience with the client, their families, and their loved ones.  I look forward to my new career path here at BrightStar where I will be able to utilize my skills and become a resource for the community and coworkers. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, grandkids, and friends.”
  • Darlene "Lynn" Cook

    Relations Coordinator
    "I am Lynn Cook the Relations Coordinator here at BrightStar Care.  I love creating lasting relationships which is why my role is perfect for me.  My day consists of reaching out to our field staff to ensure we are doing everything we can to support them.  I plan our anniversary celebrations and other retention initiatives as well as help with our orientations and new hire onboarding.  I have five brothers and have lived in NH for the past 26 years. It has always felt like home.  I have always worked in the health field and always will.  I believe I am a good listener and a people person, with a huge, caring heart.

    I have three amazing children and four gorgeous and very smart grandchildren.  I always believe “the glass is half full not half empty”.
  • Connie Roux

    Payroll and Billing Coordinator
    "I am Connie Roux, and I’m the Payroll and Billing Coordinator.  I am responsible for all facets of payroll, billing, and accounts receivable.  My career in the medical field started over two decades ago as a unit secretary at a nursing home.  Since then, I have obtained an Associates Degree in medical assisting, worked as an MRI Coordinator, and spent over 10 years working in the billing department of a Durable Medical Equipment company.  BrightStar has allowed me to sharpen my skills and learn new ones.  I have always enjoyed the challenge of the constant changes typical of the medical field, and I appreciate the supportive team environment that allows me to adapt and grow. "
  • Julie Dietrich

    Recruitment & Onboarding Coordinator
    "Hi, my name is Julie, I am the recruiting and onboarding coordinator with BrightStar Care. I have been working in healthcare since 2001. I have worked many roles across healthcare beginning as a dispatcher for a small fire department, working as a medical assistant for pediatric specialty care, and working across multiple healthcare business lines while completing my degree in Health Care Administration. Additionally, I am passionate about patient/client advocacy and matching families with their perfect companion or caregiver. I am proud to be part of a team that recognizes the value of every individual, focusing on person centered care.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, kayaking and cow cuddling!  My favorite thing about my job is fostering positive relationships and watching the growth of the families we serve and our staff."
  • Hannah Boeding, RN, BSN

    Nursing Manager
    "Hi! I am Hannah Boeding, the Nursing Manager for Brightstar Care. I assist and see clients within our skilled nursing and home care divisions. At a young age, I knew that I always wanted to be a part of healthcare and help those in need feel better. I started my career as a nursing assistant on a cardiac floor and fell in love with healthcare even more. I later moved on to becoming a cardiac nurse and then an outpatient dialysis nurse, increasing my knowledge and skillset. When becoming a nurse, it was my long-term goal to be the nurse that each client needs; whether that be the nurse who helps with everyday medicinal needs, or the nurse to simply sit and chat with for a while. After the first few days joining Brightstar Care, I realized how much they care for each client and how much they align with this goal. I look forward to helping each client at Brightstar Care have the best care we can offer and building strong relationships in the process."

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