BrightStar's Salt Lake City Skilled Nursing Team Is Growing

July 26, 2019

Look How BrightStar Care In Home Skilled Nursing Has Grown!! 

Looking back six months ago BSC was home to eight nurses.  We now boast 17 nurses providing many types of care to our BrightStar Care clients.  We have LPNs and RNs, pediatrics nurses (including NICU nurses), infusion nurses, senior home care case managers, and direct care nurses for spinal cord injury.
Our nurses are also doing a variety of special assignments such as: worker’s comp management, clinical trials of new drugs, treatment of bone marrow transplant donors, HepB clinics, senior assessments for long term care, and much, much more.

Welcome, welcome to all new nurses.  A fond and sad farewell to Robin Taylor, RN.  Robinhas been an integral part of our infusion nurse team since December 2017.  She is an excellent infusion nurse and is going on to a full-time infusion and training position at Genzyme.  Congratulations Robin!

Pictured below are some of our nurses who recently attended a nursing documentation in-service:

Left to Righer: Debbie Sorensen, Debra Johnson, Shantel Brimley, and Star Laws