Salt Lake City COVID-19 Testing Services

October 14, 2020

Covid-19 Antigen and Serology Testing for your Business during the Pandemic

Nasal-pharyngeal, nasal swab, and antibody testing in Salt Lake City

Many employers are requiring nasal-pharyngeal, nasal swab, and antibody testing to make sure their workspaces are safe during the pandemic. The CDC has recommended employers conduct COVID-19 screening including testing for workers. This step is already in place for many healthcare workers. Employers in other industries who are keeping their operations open or who are opening up have adopted similar COVID-19 screening practices.
How BrightStar Care® of Salt Lake City can help:

BrightStar Care, known for providing home care services at a higher standard, also provides nurse staffing services that can administer antigen testing for identifying Covid-19 positive persons capable of viral spread. Nasal or nasal pharyngeal tests can generate on site results or be lab based.  Serology (antibody) testing is also available with test results available on-site in minutes.
BrightStar Care also offers on-site COVID-19 screening services which can be tailored to your company’s needs including:
  • Interviewing employees with health screening questions
  • Taking vitals such as temperature and oxygen saturations
  • Documenting employee answers for HR files
  • Screening staff at the beginning of their shift
  • Providing risk assessment in accordance with CDC classifications (low, medium, high)
Each assignment will be conducted by either an RN or LPN. Each testing and/or screening is two hours minimum, and it can be canceled at any time with a 24-hour notice.
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