How Local Caregivers Can get Involved in National Donate Life Month in Salt Lake City

July 14, 2019

Two Utah Families Bonded Through Organ Donation 

How Local Caregivers Can get Involved in National Donate Life Month in Salt Lake City

BrightStar Care of Salt Lake City Celebrates Donate to Life during the Month of July

Two UT families met about a year after the transplant and hit it off immediately. The families exchanged letters for several months before they met. This unity story sheds tears of joy and hope for others that face organ donor needs. It’s Important to read and learn about stories like these as the University of Utah Hospital highlighted in honor of National Donate Life Month. The hospital, along with others in the state, raised a flag to symbolize the need for organ donations in Utah.

"They're just the same sort of people we are, we just sort of clicked in every way," Taylor said about the Morgas family. Their kids had attended the same school, they had similar interests and they each now consider the other family.

"I hugged him and I cried and I didn't want to let him go because I felt that my daughter was in him, so you know I felt like I was hugging her — and I still do every time I hug him," Source The families still keep in touch and meet up regularly. 

The Importance of Organ Donations:
One donor can impact eight lives - That’s right, one single organ and tissue donor can save or improve the lives of more than eight people, helping to restore eyesight, damaged tissues or vital functions. To give an idea of the impact of organ donors, in 2014, there were 29,532 transplants in the U.S. from just 14,412 donors.

Anyone can be a potential donor: Anyone can be a potential donor regardless of age, race or medical history. Donation professionals review medical history to determine if you can donate. With recent advances in transplantation, more people can donate than ever before.
Adults can also make living donations, meaning that living adults can choose to give an organ, like a kidney, or part of an organ, like a liver, to someone in need.

Donating does not cost anything: There is no cost to a donor’s family for donating organs and tissues. All costs directly related to the organ donation are paid for by the organ agency.

Time is of the essence in organ transplant: Organ transplantation is a highly time-sensitive process mastered by teams of more than 10 medical professionals that includes surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, etc. Once a family has decided to give the gift of life, the complex process begins as one surgeon preps the recipient while another surgeon travels to the donor at another center to procure the organ.

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