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Working at BrightStar Care is unlike any other healthcare employer.  We want to know you as an individual- your talents, skills, goals and personality.  We do our best to match you with clients whom you’ll enjoy.  We will hold you accountable, but we will also treat you with respect.  We want you to succeed.  That's why BrightStar Care offers on-going training and a scholarship program. 

The work we do is highly rewarding: helping people go about their daily routine at home or saving the day when a healthcare provider is short-staffed.

BrightStar Care is flexible.  For students this means working around your class schedule each semester.  For those with another job, you can select assignments that compliment your existing schedule.  For newer CNAs, we are flexible in regards to the type of shift we offer; we will match you with clients based on your experience level and offer more challenging cases as you gain experience.

BrightStar Care offers variety.  Our professional caregivers have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings from private homes and assisted living centers, to nursing homes and hospitals.  While many of our clients/patients are older adults, we also have opportunities to care for children and adults of all ages.  With such a large list of clients, we very likely have opportunities that are close to your home.

BrightStar Care is supportive. Our management team is here to help.  We regularly send out open shifts and new opportunities by email and text, but you are welcome to call or stop-in anytime to work on your schedule.  It’s also nice to know that when you work for BrightStar Care, you are never alone.  Our managers are available 24 hours a day to support you in your work; we also have a nurse on-call to assist if there are clinical-related questions.


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