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Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, all have died recently and each has had an impact on our world and culture. Central Mass' seniors are among the generation that embraced the breadth and width oGlennFreyThoughtfulf Rock n' Roll. And now we're seeing some of those stars lives' extinguished as the Boomers, too enter later life.

Glenn Frey wrote some of the most memorable songs of the ‘70s. And we still love them over 40 years later. The Eagles integrated country influences into Rock n' Roll, which along with their rich vocal harmonies, created their signature sound. Glenn Frey’s voice was both powerful and soothing. His lyrics not only told a story, but created a visual that brought the listener into the story, perhaps none better than “Peaceful Easy Feeling”. Fortunately we will all continue to enjoy his songs and contributions to music for decades to come.

Music has a way of touching our hearts and our memories. It's well documented that Alzheimer's patients respond, often enthusiastically and atypically when they hear familiar and favorite music. That language unlocks memories that seem to invigorate and briefly free sufferers from the caves and cobwebs the dementia causes. These artists' work will become a well traveled way home in the years to come as the Silver Tsunami of Baby Boomers age more and more into dementia related diseases. Studying the effect music has on the brains of dementia patients in yet one more access point for unlocking the mysteries of these diseases.