Home care in Milford, MA

  • 115 Water St
  • Suite 200
  • Milford, MA 01757

thank-youIn this season it only feels right to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the people in our little BrightStar Care Milford Worcester universe.

We realize that we often deal with people whose lives are in some level of breakdown if not real crisis. And it is a business that really is just about taking care of people. That is a privileged position to be in, we occupy what is very much, an intimate space in our clients' and their families' lives. And we are deeply appreciative of being allowed and welcomed into that space.

And we give thanks for the many professionals all over our communities who refer families to us, to the nurses and case mangers, to the social workers, doctors, and attorneys, to the Aging Life Care Managers and financial planners, to the hospital and facilities staffs, thank you all.

Another thank you to the co-workers and neighbors who have experienced BrightStar themselves, to the folks we volunteer with in the community, particularly those wonderful people at the Alzheimer's Association. A thank you to the many folks we network with in organizations and committees.

And finally a warm thank you to our staff. We could never do this work without the endless support of dozens and dozens of caring, gentle, special people who roll up their sleeves and do their job. They do it in horrible weather, they do it on holidays, they do it whenever they get the call- morning, noon or all night long. They really are the jewels in the BrightStar crown. Thank you all.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season and thank you all for your support and contributions.