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Move over Granny, literally next door!

May 24th, 2016

MedCottageIt's so cool. Just when the Tiny House movement is really becoming a credible alternative, here comes the "Granny Pod!"

It's a great solution to an "age old" problem- where can grandma live so she can maintain her privacy and independence and still be close by to her support team and loved ones? Meet Granny Pod by MEDCottage, a collaboration between the company and Virginia Tech! https://www.MEDCottage.com

Bright Star Care of Milford Worcester provides care and comfort so seniors can stay in their homes as long as they would like to and are safe doing so. This option can extend that window substantially.

Now loved ones can be close by but maintain some distance in their own environment. These ingenious micro homes can fit in existing land next to another larger home. According to AARP over 23 million Americans care for there elderly loved ones. Not everyone has the room in their homes, nor do all seniors want to live under their "kids" roofs. Not only are these a great solution but the dwellings are medically equipped to handle a huge range of possible issues a senior may encounter. Standard feature may include defibrillators, lit floorboards, a soft floor surface to mitigate injury from falls, hand rails, and first aid supplies. And the pods can be hooked up to the primary home's water, sewer, and power according to local zoning codes.

MedCottage2The cozy abodes a similar to a hotel suite with a bedroom space, kitchenette, living room space and bathroom and are usually 12 x 24' and feel like a grand master bedroom. There are architectural flourishes available like double French doors which can accommodate wheelchairs and medical equipment as well. The company boasts 3 styles- the MEDCottage, the Classic, and the Grand. Pricing varies by model of course, running from $39,625 to $61,125. For many families this is a great alternative to the costs of long term care facilities and, when they are no longer needed, they can be sold or converted into other useful spaces.