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Our team is made up of caring and compassionate people, who deliver on our high care standards every day. We have a group that cares about each other and care about the quality of care we deliver. These are the people who live and work in your community, they face many of the same challenges as you and your families do, and we want you to know that your questions and concerns will be received with compassion and understanding. Please let us know how we can help you.

24 Hr Caregiver in Norwood, MA

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President and Owner I Brian Silven

Growing up in Rhode Island, Brian’s extensive background in healthcare began with a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Rhode Island and an MBA from Bryant University. He has worked in clinical genetics and metrology, where quality controls and standards are necessary for testing integrity. Brian speaks to that same level of integrity with BrightStar Care., “In a state where homecare options are many, the lack of state regulation can present a dilemma for families in need of quality care, this is where BrightStar Care is different. We are unique in offering a transparent clinical model, one which is nurse-led and available 24/7, we even have no minimum hours. By taking the necessary steps to make sure that we are Joint Commission accredited, and providing service at the highest level, our clinical model, is a model I would be proud to trust for my own parents.”
Passionate, humble and driven, today Brian is very active in the business. His wife Maureen, a native Framingham resident, now spends much of her time back in public education, where she continues her work with children with special needs. Both remain very dedicated to continuing this journey and serving the needs of the local communities. In describing his role with BrightStar Care of Norwood, Brian sees his role at BrightStar Care as, “Establishing, promoting and executing the vision, while guiding his team on the path to serve those families in need. In recognition of their success, BrightStar Care of Norwood, has earned several awards within the BrightStar Care franchise system, including the Clinical Excellence Award.

What would you tell families who are looking for care options for their loved ones about BrightStar Care?
“Our mission is to provide a higher standard of home care, one that is nurse-led and personalized to achieve the most successful possible outcome. We aim to earn your trust, that our BrightStar Care Director of Nursing and our entire team will do everything to ensure your loved one experiences a safe, independent living experience, in the comforts of home.”

Director of Nursing I Kaitlin Gietzen, RN

What experience do you bring to BrightStar Care®?
Over 10 years of experience in the healthcare field, first as a CNA and then as a nurse. My experience covers many different settings, as a community health nurse, pediatric nurse, cardiac nurse, as well as a specialty infusion nurse. I received my bachelor’s degree from Western Governor’s University.
What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about what we call our living room visits. I go out and meet with our patients right in their home. As I put together the care plan, I want to get to know the person I am sitting with, and their extended family. This time is important to me, it’s a moment in time where I can learn how we can personalize their care. Every client is different, and I want to know that we are matching the right person from our staff, to meet those specific needs.

I provide A Higher Standard of Care for our clients by...
I was inspired to become a nurse by my mother. She was a stay at home mom, and she decided later in life to go back and earn her nursing degree. So, for me, my training came way before I actually went to school for nursing. She taught me love and compassion, and that I have the opportunity to make a difference in each patient’s life, and I take that responsibility with me every day. We have a very compassionate team here at BrightStar Care. My role as the Director of Nursing is to make sure that we deliver on our promise to provide care at a higher level, and that the care we provide is done with love and compassion.

Branch Manager I Whitney O’Brien

As Branch Manager, and a self-proclaimed multitasker, Whitney is responsible for overseeing operations in the office and maintaining a positive and productive workflow. With responsibility for the day-to-day business matters in the office, Whitney manages our dedicated office staff to ensure consistency in delivering a unique, higher standard of care to our clients. With a degree in Healthcare Management, Whitney has 25 years of experience in the health care industry, including years as a medical assistant and clinical research. Whitney’s leadership, combined with her compassion and dedication to the staff and clients of BrightStar Care, help to execute the BrightStar Care mission of providing a higher standard of care.

 What would you tell families who are looking for care options for their loved ones about BrightStar Care?
“We will take care of your family members as if they were our own. When I talk to a client or family member, I always put myself in their shoes. This helps me better understand their needs. I think this comes from my experience from a sick loved one. My mother had a rare disease and was bed bound for over 10 years of her life. I have been there, and it can be an emotional roller coaster. I want to listen to our clients, and my first thoughts always are around how can we help navigate this difficult time, and help to put the right care supports in place, so that you can go back to being the adult child or spouse, and no longer the caregiver.

Director of Business Development I Carol Corio

As the Director of Business Development for BrightStar Care of Norwood, Carol represents the agency to our external clients and business partners. Her responsibilities incorporate marketing, business development, training and client care execution. Carol’s positive and outgoing nature, combined with her caring demeanor, is evident in her daily interactions as the external steward of the BrightStar Care difference.
Carol has an extensive background in sales and marketing, with industries spanning from computers to health care. Over the last decade, she has solidified the scope of her health care industry expertise with leadership positions in home health care, assisted living, skilled nursing and hospice. This experience coupled with her consultative approach, provide a wealth of knowledge to caregivers and business partners who are in need of guidance managing the maze of care choices available, especially for the elder population.
She is well known in the senior health care community and serves in several leadership roles throughout Massachusetts. She is a co-facilitator in two major networking groups on the South Shore: 5Score and BNNG and serves as the secretary for the Neponset Valley Alzheimer’s Partnership.
Carol’s extensive background also includes certifications in elder care and alternative therapies, and she provides that training and expertise to the health care community. This training includes: Certified Dementia Trainer (CDP), Certified Master Trainer and Authorized Coach for Dementia Live and Compassionate Touch, as well as an Aromatherapy Speaker/Instructor/Blender for alternative therapies.
Her extensive background and leadership roles in the senior care industry, gives Carol a unique understanding of what families face as they search for the appropriate care needed for their loved ones. Carol continues to provide her consultative approach, and industry knowledge in her work today for BrightStar Care. Her contributions are many, and her warmth and kindness are evident as she makes sure she is a resource to her clinical partners as well as families searching for care options.
What would you tell families who are looking for care options for their loved ones about BrightStar Care?
I want to highlight our value, our differentiators, and our high standards—reasons that I wanted to join the BrightStar Care team here in Norwood. Being a caregiver myself, I can relate to the challenges we all face in our personal and professional lives. My background, training and strong connection to the health care community, allows me to provide greater care insight and guidance for health care providers and families. We can be an extension of your family when you need us.

Client Care Manager I Elizabeth (Liz) Diaz

As Client Care Manager, Liz is often the first person you will speak with. Her role as client care manager includes the detailed management of our homecare schedule. She is responsible for managing the shifts of our certified nursing assistants and providing valued insight to callers on how our nurse managers develop a personalized plan of care for each client, and she adds additional insight when it comes to matching our caregivers to our clients’ needs.
 With a background in office management, Liz brings structure and organization to her busy role. Her care and commitment is evident in her every day interactions with clients and staff. Knowledgeable, friendly and courteous, Liz will listen and inquire about your needs, offering guidance through the care services we deliver each and every day. She is professional and respectful to each caller, ensuring all questions are answered and we are ready to help.

 What would you tell families who are looking for care options for their loved ones about BrightStar Care?
“I want families to understand that BrightStar Care provides 1-to-1 homecare and nurse oversight so our clients and their families don’t have to do it alone. This is different than community living and what Long Term Care facilities can provide. We understand well that taking care of family and friends can be stressful. We step in to make sure our clients are comfortable and safe and family members can feel a sense of relief.”

Recruiter I Angela Hoppe

Angela is our in-house recruiter. She is responsible for finding, screening, and selecting a special type of CNAs, LPNs and RNs, to invite to orientation training. Only the best candidates are then asked to join the BrightStar Care team, those that share our core values, higher standards and exemplify a commitment for delivering an exceptional homecare experience to our clients.
A medical assistant graduate, with over 20 years in the medical field, Angela spent her most recent 13 years as lead office manager at a private physician’s practice. She has a warm and caring heart and shares her positive energy with the entire team. Having cared for her mom for many years, Angela’s high standards translate well to the staff of professionals we hire and the care they provide.
What would you tell families who are looking for care options for their family about BrightStar Care?
“I play a caregiver role for my mom. I know what it is like to go to work all day, and come home to my second job. Although I wouldn’t say it is a job taking care of my mom, I know what it is like to be tired, and to not have a lot of time for me. While my mom can still do some things for herself, I help her with the cleaning, cooking and of course the much-needed companionship, which I love! There may come a time where I need BrightStar Care to come in and provide some assistance for my mom and me.  I want families to know that BrightStar Care can be that reprieve when you are ready for support.”

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