Home care in Richmond, VA

  • 7202 Glen Forest Drive
  • Suite 302
  • Richmond, VA 23226

Meet Our Richmond, VA Home Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity

Mark and Amy Grasser | Owners Mark and Amy Grasser came to BrightStar after 18 years in various roles in the corporate world. Amy managed the HR department for a regional bank, where she was responsible for finding the right candidates that would be able and willing to provide the top notch service upon which the bank was founded. In addition to working in the accounting field, Mark, who is a CPA, spent many years managing the development of new communities. Among his chief responsibilities was to ensure that customer needs were met and all customers were satisfied. Mark and Amy joined BrightStar because of the very high level of service that BrightStar stands for, and the opportunity it presented to combine their skills in such a productive and worthwhile way.

Questions about our care team?

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