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About BrightStar Care® of Richmond

We offer a wide range of home care and medical staffing services in the Richmond area. Let us help you find the right support to fit your unique needs.

Serving the people and organizations in our communities

At BrightStar Care of Richmond, we believe in giving more. Not only to the people we serve, but also to our community. We do it through a variety of high-quality, compassionate care and unparalleled support for our local healthcare system—making our clients’ best lives possible and the Richmond community stronger than ever. Now that’s what we call, “A higher standard.”

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Just like our nurses and caregivers, our office team and staff care deeply about making sure our customers receive the care and support they deserve. Get to know the BrightStar Care of Richmond team.

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Stay up to date on the latest news from BrightStar Care of Richmond, as well as access to helpful resources that can help guide your caregiving journey. Explore updates, blogs, educational resources and more.

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We give the kind of high-quality care and support that can truly make a difference. See what clients and healthcare organizations are saying about BrightStar Care of Richmond.

Award-Winning Care

We’re honored to have won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, not only as part of a national home care brand, but as a local company in the community. See how we’ve been recognized for our care and support.

The Owners' Story

Richmond owner Mark came to BrightStar after 18 years in various roles in the corporate world.  Amy managed the HR department for a regional bank, where she was responsible for finding the right candidates that would be able and willing to provide the top notch service upon which the bank was founded.  In addition to working in the accounting field, Mark, who is a CPA, spent many years managing the development of new communities.  Among his chief responsibilities was to ensure that customer needs were met and all customers were satisfied.  Mark and Amy joined BrightStar because of the very high level of service that BrightStar stands for, and the opportunity it presented to combine their skills in such a productive and worthwhile way. On a personal level, Mark and Amy, both of whom have grandmothers in 90’s, have dealt with the need to provide care for aging grandparents, as well an uncle who as a result of complications from diabetes, needed assistance on a daily basis.  They experienced first-hand the extreme difficulties that are encountered when family members have to deal with such overwhelming challenges; challenges which are only exacerbated when the family is not living close to their loved ones. Mark and Amy knew there had to be a better way, and were thus so excited when they found BrightStar.  As Mark stated, “with BrightStar we are able to provide the high level of service both of us have become accustomed to providing, and at the same time make such a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families.” Mark and Amy and the entire Richmond BrightStar team are dedicated to giving families the piece of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones are receiving the highest level of care and service.  We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  And as Amy notes, “we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your loved ones are being treated as we would want our family members to be treated.”

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