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Richmond BrightStar Care CE Course - Nutrition and Weight Management

BrightStar Care of Richmond Sponsored CEU Event on Nutrition and Obesity

Continuing Education Course Featuring Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Barrett, MD

BrightStar Richmond CUE Nutrition
BrightStar Care of Richmond's April 2019 CEU Event was a huge success. 

With an excess of 45 million people attempting to lose weight through dieting each year, and just a small fraction of those achieving lasting success, excess weight, and often obesity, is a serious problem in this country.

The causes of obesity are broad, and include genetics, metabolism, psychological, and environmental. And, the degree to which people are obese is showing no sign of slowing down, with the percentage of the population who is obese rising astronomically since just 1985. With the correct knowledge, and guidance, there are however techniques to combat this unhealthy trend.Richmond Social Workers CEU

The April CE presentation addressed the latest advancements in nutrition and weight loss treatment options. Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Barrett, MD. showed various food types, and how they help or hinder our ability to maintain a proper weight.  Dr. Barrett showed how surgery is a treatment for obesity, and presented the various bariatric surgical options, and how they work.

Attendees learned:

> What is nutrition
> How we stay in energy balance
> What is obesity and what are some of the consequences of being obese
> Treatment options for obesity