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The Benefits of Tai Chi for Elderly People

August 27th, 2014

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When it comes to looking after your elderly parent, home care in Green Valley, AZ is always a good idea. However, so is making sure your parent gets the exercise they need. Low impact exercises for seniors are especially helpful. Of all their options, one popular form worth considering is Tai Chi.

The practice of Tai Chi is deceptive in that it really doesn’t appear like a practitioner is doing much at all. They make slow, calculated moves which tend to look like the exact opposite of what most of us imagine when working out comes to mind. But the truth is that Tai Chi actually helps to build, tone, and stretch the participant’s muscles. Many of these muscles are located in the legs, which is where a lot of senior citizens could use help because it keeps them from accidentally falling over. A better range of motion comes from Tai Chi too, which also helps in this regard. 

Tai Chi doesn’t need any equipment either. It’s not a situation where an in-home care provider needs to help set up an apparatus or even spot them (though the elderly shouldn’t do Tai Chi alone until they’ve advanced—more on that in a moment).  

Another great thing about Tai Chi is that a traditional session begins with a warm-up. Senior citizens get their muscles nice and loose before they move into more intricate and complicated movements. 

It’s possible to look up Tai Chi programs online, but these aren’t ideal, especially for a senior citizen. If there’s no senior care provider around, an untrained senior citizen could lose their balance and fall over, resulting in an injury. Plus, though they look simple, the movements involved in Tai Chi are actually very specific and beginners need to be monitored by an expert who can guide them.  

Most communities feature senior exercise programs and many of them have a Tai Chi class. This is ideal for seniors as it gets them out of the house and around people their own age. One of the main benefits of Tai Chi is that it is a meditative practice that helps to reduce stress. While home healthcare is also good for helping to fight off depression, so is a regular Tai Chi routine. 

Green Valley companion services can help your elderly parent in a number of important ways, while making sure they keep their sense of independence. Our home healthcare providers can also encourage your parent to try Tai Chi and see that they make their classes.

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