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Fall Prevention and Safety in Your Evansville, Wisconsin Home

July 29th, 2015

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Slips and falls can happen anytime and to anyone, but senior citizens seem the most prone to injuries from trips and falls. Weakness and imbalance, poor vision, decreased muscle strength and immobility are all risk factors for falls. There are also many hazards in the home that are perilous, and BrightStar Care in Evansville understands that any home can be risky. Our in-home senior care services are designed to keep you comfortable and safe.

Home Care Improves Safety

Falls in the home can occur for a number of reasons, ranging from dizziness caused by an ear infection or medication, to dehydration or low blood sugar. Items in the home can put seniors at risk, too – items such as shoes in the pathway or a tear in the carpet.

Our senior home care services can help in a number of ways:

  • Companion care providers help accomplish simple tasks around the home such as light housekeeping or meal preparation. No need to worry about slipping on wet kitchen floors.
  • A home caregiver watches for common household hazards that might lead to a mishap, elements such as jutting furniture, protruding electrical cords or broken tile.
  • The bathroom is the most perilous room in the home, and a senior caregiver can help with daily hygiene tasks such as bathing, showering and toileting.
  • With your doctor’s approval, a home companion promotes daily exercise, as you are able, to improve balance and strengthen muscles.

For safe travels, companion caregivers also offer transportation services for errands and appointments, social engagements or a meal outside the home.

BrightStar Care in Evansville values your comfort and safety!

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