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Benefits of Companion Care for Your Tucson Loved One

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At BrightStar Care serving Tucson, AZ, we know that sometimes in-home care is about more than just health or illness related issues. Sometimes what is needed is a caring companion who can assist with those everyday things that time, circumstances, age, and some ailments have made difficult to get to. Family caregivers may need a break so that they have the time to deal with issues in their own lives. And sometimes it’s just important to have friendly, compassionate support for those who aren’t able to be as social or active as they used to be. That is why we offer companion care. Our companion care programs are comprehensive and available to suit your needs. We can offer around-the-clock support or support for just a few hours a day or a few days a week. Whatever the schedule is that you require, we can find a way to help. But what is companion care? It’s different from personal care, which is primarily concerned with helping people who have ambulatory issues deal with personal needs such as grooming, bathing, and the like. Companion care is more about just what is says -- being a companion. For elderly people who are still living at home or for those of any age who just need some help, companion care is a way to get both home assistance and emotional support so that everything in life is as possible as it can be. Home support is a large part of companion care. Our trained, professional caregivers can assist with all of those household needs that many of us take for granted, until we suddenly find we can’t handle doing all of it anymore. Our home support includes light housekeeping, laundry, meal planning, cooking, pet care, and similar. Keeping a safe and clean home environment is important for anyone’s well-being, and we will work with you to make sure that home remains a place of comfort and safety. Companion care can take care of things outside of the house as well. Outside support like senior transportation is a big part of companion care. We can assist with shopping and errands, transportation to and from medical appointments or to social events so that connections to family and friends can remain strong and special occasions can be attended without having to worry. We can help maintain and follow schedules so that people who are used to having a fun and busy life can continue to do so. And it’s about more than just senior care -- our companion care services can be of assistance to people of any age who need a little extra help, whether because of a disability or any other reason that you may require. We even offer sitter and nanny services as part of our companion care programs. If you are considering companion care, call our office today. We will work with you to learn about your needs and also about the personalities of the people that we will be working with so that the right fit can be determined. It is important to us and to our in-home caregivers that everyone gets to know each other. That way, the right kinds of activities and programs can be included as part of the care. And it also means you get more than just a homecare professional -- it means you truly get a companion, a new friend and peer who is there is make life easier and more fulfilling.

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