Andrew Ray

Andrew Ray, Chief Executive Officer

“When I became a franchise owner, BrightStar Care gave me the tools and confidence needed to navigate the home care business successfully — and during that time, I was honored to be named the IFA 2021 Franchisee of the Year award. Now in the corporate office, I have the opportunity to support franchisees in their pursuit of providing life-changing care to families across the United States.” 

Andrew “Andy” Ray stepped into his role as Chief Operating Officer for BrightStar Care in October 2022 after operating two BrightStar Care locations in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona and winning IFA 2021 Franchisee of the Year award. In his current role, he has direct oversight of BrightStar Care’s enterprise revenues, unit growth, enterprise EBITDA and franchisee profitability to drive the company forward.  

Building upon his experience of being a BrightStar Care franchisee — and more than 30 years of corporate leadership experience — Andy is committed to creating the right performance balance between the franchisee and franchisor by ensuring that the franchisees receive what they need to set them up for success in a way that aligns with our high brand standards. His wealth of knowledge spans a comprehensive set of business functions including sales, marketing, operations, research and development, human resources, information technology, finance and general administration. 

Prior to joining BrightStar Care Andy has held Director, Vice President, General Manager, President and CEO level assignments with multinational corporations leading operations of $50M to over $2B in annual revenue. Living and working in Japan, Belgium and France has given Andy a unique global perspective on the importance of cultural diversity. He believes that diversity, in all its forms, is an essential element in building successful teams and businesses. 

Andy explains why BrightStar Care is a good fit for him. “Our brand has a core values map that aligns with how I view the world. I focus on the ‘Do the Right Thing’ value since that encompasses almost all aspects of my life — whether it’s doing the right thing for the team, franchisees or the community we live in.”  

Andy has been married to his wife Donna for 24 years and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his 6-year-old Chocolate Labrador, Steve.