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Each and every client success story lights the fire that inspires our team in DuPage County and Wheaton to provide a client experience that gives the individuals, families and organizations in our care more – more security, more dependability, more hope. From home health care to elder care to skilled home nursing, and beyond, the essence of BrightStar Dupage-Wheaton is the care we provide and the people we serve. If you have any questions or need a list of references, please call us at 630-260-5300.

April, 2017 - “I would recommend BrightStar Care because they are prompt and will meet a client's needs quickly, like they did for me. They also provided consistent caregivers..” - L.L., Carol Stream, IL

March, 2017 - “BrightStar's caregivers are very good and they are very personable.” - M.W., Warrenville, IL

February, 2017 - “BrightStar's caregivers were wonderful, on time, and very efficient. My mother was very happy.” - K.K., Bartlett, IL

February, 2017 - “BrightStar Care tries to help you in any way that they can. They go by your schedule and fulfill your needs.” - T.T., Bloomingdale, IL

February, 2017 - “BrightStar Care has given me the best caregiver that I can imagine. I have had her for two years, and she is always a good example for the agency because she thinks of me first.” - M.J., Carol Stream, IL

January, 2017 - “BrightStar has made our lives easier by being very helpful people around the house. The caregivers and nurses are good workers because they always go above and beyond. I would tell a friend that BrightStar does a good job, they are on time, and they are friendly.” - M.W., Wood Dale, IL

January, 2017 - “I appreciate that the caregivers are so personable and likable. They pay close attention to my needs. The caregivers are well-trained on providing individual care and are willing to meet any needs that I have. I would tell anyone that BrightStar has very capable people.” - F.V., West Chicago, IL

December, 2016 - “What I appreciate most about the services from BrightStar for my mother is that they can quickly change last minute details, and they quickly take care of things. The caregivers show extra care and concern for my mother by letting me know everything that is going on. They are very alert about her health and the caregivers always let me know if they notice anything that seems off. The caregivers hug my mother and are always going above and beyond.” - D.M., Winfield, IL

December, 2016 - “[Our caregiver] does a good job being loyal and dedicated to the patient. Nobody could be more compassionate with my wife than the caregiver I have. They have never missed a day in seven months.” - J.K., Wheaton, IL

November, 2016 - “The caregivers put in a lot of extra effort with taking care of my mom. They made sure to engage in conversation with her. The caregivers were always well-dressed and professional in their interaction with me and my mom. We needed someone that was fun, carefree, and strong enough to help my mom. We got the exact caregiver we needed. I was impressed with the fact that I didn’t have to worry about anything. I would tell a friend that I found BrightStar to be very reliable and I was quite relieved when they came to do the services.” - E.J., West Chicago, IL

August 2016 -
“I wish to express my profound gratitude to all those involved in BrightStar Care of Central DuPage. The BrightStar caregivers were professional, organized, diligent, empathetic and delightful to work with. They all created a personal connection which made my sister's life so much richer and enjoyable. I cannot praise them highly enough. Thanks to ALL !”
- P.I., Glen Ellyn, IL

July 2016 - “I can't say enough good things about the care my father-in-law received from all the BrightStar Care caretakers! They treated him with tenderness, compassion and professionalism."
- C.K., Glen Ellyn, IL 

May 2016 - BrightStar has been an absolute life saver for my family. Caring, thorough and agile. I can't say enough positive things about them.” -
S.L., Wheaton, IL

April 2016 - “Several families with loved ones who attend our adult day centers have used BrightStar of Central DuPage. All report that they are grateful for the professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff that BrightStar provides for elderly family members in need of home care.”
- N.B., Warrenville, IL

November 2015 - “We've had nothing but positive experiences with BrightStar Care in Wheaton. I have to say, I feel calm leaving my mother in their care, even if I'm traveling overseas. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for in home care..”
- M.T., Lombard, IL

August 2015 - “My BrightStar Care Case Manager, Diane knows my Dad and dog so well.
I have the whole community at BrightStar which makes me comfortable when I go to work.”
D.G., Bartlett, IL

July 2015 - “I cannot say enough about D. (BrightStar Caregiver).
She has endured much caring for my mother with advanced dementia.
She is calm and professional and always ensuring my mother’s safety."
J.K., Itasca, IL 

June 2015 - “I would like to thank you for your care of my Mom…
Your BrightStar Caregiver was wonderful, sitting and watching Westerns.
Phoebe was really helpful in all the (Case Manager) advice.” -  C.H., Glen Ellyn, IL

May 2015 - “Thank you for all the care and support you have shown our family these past several years.
Mom loved the companionship and dedication of all the care-givers you provided; your commitment to serving the elderly is second to none.
We will always keep you in our prayers.” -
T.B., Winfield, IL

April 2015 - “To all our friends at BrightStar Care - Thank you so much for your lovely card and kind words.
He (Dad) could not have had better care and loved all of you.
Your support was such a comfort to me, too.”
H.N., Glen Ellyn, IL

April 2015 - “Phebe (BrightStar RN Case Manager), Thank you for providing such love and support thru your years as Mom’s case manager.
It was so appreciated. “ - S.J.,
Lombard, IL 

January 22, 2015- "I always appreciate the promptness and professionalism that I always find with BrightStar Care. As a matter of fact, just this morning I had a resident’s daughter stop me in the hall after she saw me talking with my BrightStar caregiver. Her dad just had a stroke and is at a rehab facility. She had just been told that next week he’ll come back to his apartment, but they are recommending full-time care. I gave her BrightStar Care’s information… I appreciate your love and care for my folks!" -S.B., Wheaton, IL

January 20, 2015- "Thank you for giving me your undivided attention and compassionate ear last week. Your tender heart, sharp intellect, and caring spirit are true gifts from God. Thank you for your care with my father and now for my mother. You are a reliable, calming, lovely presence during times of great stress and emotional concern. You are a trusted professional. Thank you for all you do for my family and for all the families you serve." -J.H., Dupage, IL

December 13, 2014-  "Because my mother was so self-sufficient, hiring a CNA towards the end of her life was an extremely delicate matter. We needed the right person. We needed someone who treaded softly, respected her home and her things, and someone who was gentle without being condescending. S____ was all of those things and more. She was kind, compassionate, and steadfastly committed to duty. I absolutely know without a doubt that my mother received the best care at the end of her life, and for that, I will always be infinitely grateful." J.K.

November 11, 2014- "I just wanted to say how excited we are about J___'s new nurse! She is so motivated and has already asked about how she can help with academics and participation. She has had experience working with a child with special needs in a school, so she totally understands that her role is to help with both the medical stuff and academics. BrightStar Care sent the perfect person!" B.G. & E.K., West Chicago

September 29, 2014- "It was so incredibly thoughtful of you to be there for our family. You are a very special person."
Love, The K_____ Family"
Wheaton, IL

September 22, 2014- "Please accept my sincere appreciation for the kindness and care provided by you and your staff for my mom. You were right about D____, she is a rock and an outstanding person that provided care and compassion for Mom and our family beyond our expectations. Thank you again."
A.S. Wheaton, IL 

August 20, 2014- "Just wanted to thank all the nurses & CNAs that took care of our Mom, .

All of the ladies were just wonderful and became like family. It was a great comfort knowing she was being so well taken care of. The flowers were just beautiful and added just the right touch to the Memorial. Thank you so much again." The
. . . . . . . Family. Wheaton, IL 

June 11, 2014- "Phebe (BrightStar RN Case Manager), Words cannot express how much I appreciate what you did for my family. My mom was S.T, you helped us manage the last week of her life, from bring her home to getting her to the funeral home after her death. You coming to the wake to support us even then was more than I ever expected. You are my families angel sent from heaven! May god bless you! " MB.R. 

May 15, 2014- "My BrightStar caregiver has been with me for five months and I am highly pleased with her services. She is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about my well-being and strives to meet all my health needs for a person who is quite elderly. Wish that there were more people in the world like her!" E.K. Wheaton, IL

May 15, 2014- "Thank you for sending a wonderful caretaker for my daughter who just adopted a baby. With her expert care and tenderness, my daughter survived the difficult first days without the stress and anxiety. You made a perfect match, and we appreciate it. Thank you! We will highly recommend your services to others." P.F. Geneva, IL

May 14, 2014- "My other gal had surgery so I had to start with new gal. She has blended right in. Accepted all the work and does more. Very pleasant, easy to talk with. Gives me my shampoo and shower very good, helps getting me in and out of tub. I use walker and wheelchair. She thinks of extra things to do. Also reminds me to do my exercises, I asked her to do that." B. Lombard, IL

May 13, 2014- "I cannot begin to express how anxious I was when I realized I could not take care of my mom with family help... Central DuPage Hospital came to the rescue when Dad needed special care, and they were there for mom ten years later. But the arrival of BrightStar the following year has proven to be a super bonus. The administration of care-helpers has become more secure and even on day when our best helper, S. (BrightStar Caregiver) had to go to the hospital, the BrightStar bosses proved their worth with personal attention to our needs. Thank you for backing me up so I can serve Catholic charities as a priest still on duty." W.W. Batavia, IL

May 12, 2014- "All of the Caregivers were very helpful to my wife. They made sure she got her medication and kept her pain free. This was very important. They assisted hospice people when needed. Thank you."  R.B. Bartlett, IL

May 10, 2014- "R. (BrightStar Caregiver) did an excellent job taking care of our 20 year old special needs son while we were on vacation. He kept our son on schedule and actively participated with him during recreational activities such as bike riding and playing ping-pong. Everything was in good order when we returned. The Kitchen was in good order and the house was in good order. Our son enjoys spending time with R."  B.H. Winfield, IL

May 6, 2014- "We are so proud and blessed to have A. as my wife's caregiver. A. is very knowledgeable and professional while attending to my wife. I believe she has made it a personal goal to be able to see my wife walk again. A. works with her on every visit to build up her strength and stamina. We cannot say enough good things about A. and BrightStar to all our relatives, neighbors and friends. Keep up this good work and pleas give A. a raise. Thank you"  T.S. Wheaton, IL

April 10, 2014- "I want to offer my congratulations on being awarded the BrightStar Care Franchise of the Year for 2013. I know this award is well deserved for the care and services you company provides. I wish you continued success."  R.B. Wheaton, IL

March 31, 2014- "Congratulations! .
I am so very proud to have worked on the BrightStar account and pleased to watch the expansion of a terrific company. Over the past two years I have learned that several personal friends have used your services with glowing results!"  J.L. Naperville, IL

February 17, 2014- "I wanted to touch base before then to let you know of a success story out of your office. My grandfather resides at _____ in Lombard. He recently received caregiver services from R______ D_______ (BrightStar caregiver) out of your office. My grandfather F______ D_______, and my mother, are both very impressed with him and very much enjoy having him as my grandfather's caregiver. He was put on hold for a bit because my grandfather broke his hip, but I believe they plan to initiate services again once my grandfather is able to move around again. I didn't realize until last week that he was actually from your office, so I wanted to make sure you knew that my family has had a great experience! Pleas pass this on to R______ D_______ with a big Thank You!"  R.D.
Naperville, IL

February 14, 2014- "On behalf of our student services department, thank you for the phenomenal nursing services BrightStar provides for our students. We always appreciate the goodies you bring as a token of appreciation of our partnership. Thanks again!" J.P. Wheaton, IL

February 10, 2014- "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you have provided me and my family during J_______ illness and passing. We're convinced that J_______ live was greatly lengthened and enhanced by the loving BrightStar caregivers. Thank you as well for driving through horrific weather conditions to honor J_______ by attending his wake. The floral arrangement from BrightStar was beautiful and much appreciated." T. Glen Ellyn, IL

February 7, 2014- "My aunt A_____ passed away at her home in Wheaton last Saturday. She was under hospice care and BrightStar nurses provided continuous care for the three days before she died. All of the nurses were excellent, professional, compassionate and very supportive to my sister and I. The nurse that was with us when A_____ died however, deserves special recognition. J______ (BrightStar nurse) is a truly exceptional woman. She treated A_____ with grace and dignity and calmly explained to us what was happening in the final hours of her life. The BrightStar nurse never left A_____'s side but at the same time, made sure my sister and I could stay close and hold her hand. I wish i could find the right words to explain now how deeply thankful we are that J_____ was on duty when A_____ died. We wanted BrightStar to know that you are very, very lucky to have J_____ on staff." K.M. Toronto, Canada

January 20, 2014- "I may be 101 before I get all these thank you notes written. You are so good to remember my "sweet tooth" and my thanks for the Fanny Mays for Christmas. So glad to have a nice warm home these cold days as well as good helpers(BrightStar CNAs). it is always a pleasure to have Judy(BrightStar Nurse Case Manager). Thanks for coming to my "100th" which was months ago." E. A. Wheaton, IL

January 5, 2014- "First of all, Happy New Year to Jim & JudyI wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with D_______ (BrightStar Live-in Caregiver) and more importantly how pleased S______ (BrightStar client) seems to be with her. D_______ is a lovely, caring woman and I am thankful for her care and services. I should also mention that the CNAs that were with Mom initially for hourly service were all lovely and I think Mom really enjoyed their company and care. Thank You Again." A. S. St. Charles. IL

December 18, 2013- "It is a pleasure having our BrightStar caregiver J______ B_______, who is very knowledgeable and a caring companion for my wife. This makes me feel at ease and less painful knowing that F_______ is being provided great care." V.R. Wheaton, IL 

December 15, 2013- "When our previous caregiver agency ended their services with little notice, and we were out of state caring for other family, BrightStar was able to have services in place without a gap in coverage before we traveled home, and with no stress in the transition for our loved one. We're grateful for your services." J.T. Warrenville, IL 

December 10, 2013- "S_______(BrightStar Caregiver) is an important person in the life of my Mom and Dad. Her patience with Mom is much appreciated. It is a comfort to know we can depend on her to take my parents to appointments and outings." C.K. Carol Stream, IL

December 13, 2013- "Our family is very grateful for the exceptional services provided by BrightStar to our elderly aunt.
Her caregiver, L_____ Y______, attends to her daily needs/concerns with compassion, ingenuity, and practical wisdom.
Without L____’s faithful care, our aunt would not be able to participate fully in scheduled activities at her retirement community.
Both L____ and the (nurse RN) case manager P_____ J_______, RN also provides helpful communication to family members who are involved in our aunt’s care.
Any medical, emotional, or self-care issues that arise are quickly shared by L____/P_____ with my brother or myself.
An additional benefit has been the service provided by S_____ in the office when a substitute caregiver is needed.
Our family has recommended BrightStar to friends/relatives and will continue to do so.
Thank you!" J.N. Winfield, IL

December 4, 2013- "BrightStar has been compassionate and conscientious in providing care to our loved ones. This has allowed our family great "Peace of Mind". Thank You! Sincerely, R.P. Glen Ellyn, IL

December 1, 2013- "R_____S_____(BrightStar Caregiver) has been a great companion for our specials needs 20 year old son. He is very patient and pays attention to details. We recently went out of town for 2 nights and when we returned everything was in very good order! Thank you R_____. B.H. Winfiled, IL 

November 30, 2013- "We are very pleased with our current BrightStar Caregiver(N___). She has formed a great bond and friendship with us and is always helpful, courteous and kind. She meets all of our expectations as a Caregiver!!! We are very happy with the service. R.S. Wheaton, IL

November 28, 2013- "Thanks to the caregiver, my daughter is very relaxed and knows that he does the transfers for her without tipping or hurting her. He is always in a very good mood has such nice conversations with her to keep her spirits up. N.H. Lombard, IL 

November 27, 2013- "Caregiver L____Y_____(BrightStar Caregiver)has been a wonderful caregiver for my client D______B________ for several years. She is my extra set of eyes and ears for D_____, his upkeep of his home and particular needs he may have between my visits with him. Thank You L______! S.W.(geriatric care manager) Glen Ellyn, IL 

November 27, 2013- "M_____(BrightStar Caregiver) not only is my caregiver but also a very dear friend.
If she ever leaves, I’m going with her.
She’s always on time, cheerful and does what she’s suppose to do.
We have fun.
I love that girl! J.A. Wheaton, IL

November 25, 2013- “I called BrightStar not knowing who they were or what their credentials were.
The voice on the phone couldn’t have been more polite, not at all pushy.
After giving her some information I had a lady come to my door from this company(Incidentally she had a package of rolls for us to share.
I thought that was not only nice, but a very friendly gesture.)
She took time to explain, to council and finally to match us to a person who would suit our situation.

November 22, 2013- "S_______(BrightStar male CNA) came to our front door at the exact time agreed upon.
He was pleasant, friendly and seemed very capable.
Both my husband and I liked him at once.
Since it is my husband’s condition of dementia that is the reason for having employed this service, it was imperative that my husband get along with this person.
It was an ideal fit.
Thanks to S_______.Since I have this person in our home without any supervision I felt extremely cautious about employing just any one.
I couldn’t be more satisfied or more confident with this young man.
I am very happy with S_______ taking care of my husband so that I can have a few hours out of the house without worry. Thank you for this caring service.
I couldn’t appreciate S_______ any more – he’s almost like a member of the family now.” D.R. West Chicago, IL

November 20, 2013- "Our caregivers are "Bright-Stars." They are not perfect, but neither are we; nor is their work assignment. There are new experiences and adjustments each day they assist. They adapt, just like us. We learn from each other . . . . daily! In some ways, they have become part of our family, trusted and caring! A.H. Glen Ellyn, Illinois

August 15, 2013- "Dear K____(BrightStar Nurse Case Manager) and G________(BrightStar CNA), Thank you for all of your professional and caring assistance with J____. He wanted to be in his home and you helped us make that succeed for months. Thank You." M.S. Wheaton, Illinois

August 12, 2013- "P____(BrightStar Nurse Case Manager), BrightStar had been recommended to us by several when we needed a 24 hour Caregiver for our Mom K_____ D_______. They were not wrong. We thank each and every Caregiver who stayed at our Mom's bedside. Althpugh your service was short-lived, each Caregiver lived up to our expectations. Thank you BrightStar for providing caring, wonderful aides. Sincerely." J.M. Wheaton, Illinois

July 31, 2013- " .
I wanted to send a very heartfelt "thanks" to you, Judy(BrightStar Nurse), M_____(BrightStar CNA), and the entire BrightStar team. It is difficult for me to express just how grateful we are for everything you did for my mother. M_____and Judy were like members of our family during Mom's last few weeks- available at all hours of the day or night to provide loving, kind care. It made Mom's final days immeasurably more comfortable and I know she treasured her friendship with M_______ greatly. As you may know, we had worked with two different agencies before landing with BrightStar and we found your company's devotion, care and professionalism far exceeded their performance, and
our expectations. Thanks you again, Sincerely." T.E.. Wheaton, Illinois

July 24, 2013- "Thank You. You and your nurses are angels and (the family) couldn't have made it through without you." N. M. Warrenville, Illinois

May 26, 2013- "Thank you for taking such good care of Mom!" D. H. Belvidere, Illinois

May 25, 2013- "J_____(BrightStar Office)-
Thank you. Bright Star did a wonderful job.
Every caregiver that walked through the door was loving and kind.
We couldn't have had better care for our mom." N.S. Western Springs, Illinois

April 30, 2013- "S_____(BrightStar Caregiver)- You are terrific! So upbeat & cheerful. You chase away Mom's grumpiness. And you have given careful, thorough care. Absolutely!" K., R. & B(3 daughters) Wheaton, Illinois 

April 30, 2013- "Dear Judy & Jim Thanks you so very much for your wonderful service. You've been caring, considerate and attentive to our needs for Mom. We will happily recommend your business- whole heartedly at that." K., R. & B(3 daughters) Wheaton, Illinois "P.S. If we ever need service again we will ask for S_____(BrightStar Caregiver)- she is terrific!"

February 15, 2013-"Dear J____(BrightStar Employee), From the first day I met you I felt you would be an important part of Mom's future. You truly made Mom's life more comfortable. Your patience with Mom in the beginning was above and beyonf belief. Mom was a bit irritable until J_______(BrightStar Caregiver) came into her life. You knew Mom's personality and J_____'s, and you knew they were a match! I cannot thank you enough for all you did for Mom. You were a comfort & so supportive, you relieved my anxiety. I will be forever grateful, Love." M.O. Batavia, Illinois

January 25, 2013-"Dear J____(BrightStar Employee) "I was touched that you brought me the lovely yellow Bergonia plant It is still blooming away on the mantle. Your helpers were wonderful. We will definitely use BrightStar again and will recommend your agency to our friends. Thank you again for the flowers and your help with my recovery." M.A. Wheaton, Illinois

December 28, 2012-"K______ B______(BrightStar Caregiver) has been taking care of me for a long time. She is a very good worker, understanding and a thoughtful person. She is extremely pleasant and hard working. I never have to tell her what to do. She’s on top of everything. She is a great person and my family thinks she is perfect for the job. My only concern is what will I do if she has to move or leave the company? Please take care of her. I need her. I hope you are able to find others like her. "D.S. Bloomingdale, Illinois

December 26, 2012-"B_______(BrightStar Client) has been pleased with most of her caregivers. She does have her favorites, but she does realize they are not always available. We will continue with the service as long as B________ needs it."G.A. Bartlett, Illinois

December 18, 2012-"Recently acquired new Caregiver 4 hours per week. Limited experience with new Caregiver. These however are the qualities of a positive nature:
A. Excellent match work by management:
1. Caregiver has three grown children as does client.
2. Is a piano player as client was.
3. Has biblical training.
B. Cooperative/congenial/punctual
C. Adaptive and creative/resourceful
D. Literate/enjoys reading to client
E. Respectful of household religions persuasions
F. Observant as to clients health and inclinations
G. Reports/informs of any suspected health related irregularities
H. Affectionate, with proper decorum always demonstrated
Note: My wife is always delighted when L____ Y______ arrives!."A.H. Glen Ellyn, Illinois

December 18, 2012-"After praying for guidance I decided to bring my mother from the nursing home for Hospice to my home. From the first of 3 BrightStar caregivers I knew I made the right decision. My mother was clean, dry, warm and safe here with me. The caregivers were doting and attentive to her. The one-on-one was comforting to me. They were pro-active regarding her every need and comfort. Good care is for the family as well as the patient. Thank You."P.H. Bartlett, Illinois

December 14, 2012-"I have enjoyed working with T____ C______(BrightStar Employee). because she doesn’t make me feel like she is the “Caregiver” and I’m the client. I hate (the feeling), when the person helping me thinks they’re “better” than me because I need help with things that I would have been able to do if I didn’t get a ______ injury when I was only ___ years old. Because of my injury I cannot drive, my reaction time is slow. Despite that I still want to be involved in age appropriate things and T_____ is more like a friend rather than a “Caregiver” to me. But there are only so many hours in a day and I have appointments and other miscellaneous things I need to do. I really appreciate the help she gives me."K.M. Bloomingdale, Illinois

October 4, 2012-"Thank you very much for the caring, professional services your staff provided. We were very satisfied, and we will recommend your agency to other families similarly situated." M.B. Winfield, Illinois

October 1, 2012-"My name is Dr. A_____ S_____. I am presently serving as power of attorney, power of health care and general manager for all the effects and affairs of my ____, Mr. ______ _______. All his life, he was a fine and caring person. Now he is old and infirm. We are lucky to have D______ G_____(BrightStar Live-in Caregiver) for his full-time (24/7) care. She has been working almost three months. I have observed her work on a very frequent and varied time schedule. My observation is as follows: D_______ is an outstanding person. She is always working to care for and improve (her client's)life. I have always found him clean-shaven, with working hearing aids in and pills administered. Her meals are outstanding. She is a very smart person with excellent initiative. I noticed when I visit (at least 3 times per week) that the house is clean and smells fresh. She occasionally gets him out, and generally brightens his day. The plants are always watered, the wastebaskets are emptied, the dusting is completed and _____’s personal needs are met in an efficient and very caring and tactful manner. His clothes are clean and he is properly dressed. She is aware of hygiene and understands his medical treatment and care. She is always very patient. D_______ is very smart, although it took