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Fall Safety Tips

The New York Times Wellness blog released an article called The Right Way to Fall, in which paratroopers, stunt experts, a physical therapist, and martial arts expert,
weighed in on how to safely fall if the event happens. Unfortunately, we do not always think of the steps required when in the action of falling, but it is still good advice to keep in mind, especially to protect your body.

Author of the article, Kate Murphy, stated that The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that more than a third of emergency room visits, around 7.9 million a year, are caused by falls. A New York City physical therapist, Jessica Schwartz, said that at some point in life, everyone will have a fall of some sort, so it is best to know what to do, and the number one thing to do is to protect your head.

If you find yourself falling, tripping over objects, or want to give some advice to your loved ones or clients, keep these in mind:

  • Tuck your head and pivot to your side
  • Avoid "foosh" (falling onto outstretched hands)
  • Hit the floor with the fleshiest part of your body: thigh, buttocks, and shoulder. Also bend your elbows and knees.
  • Do not fight the fall! Roll with it (which is what paratroopers are taught to do).
  • Soften and relax your body, do not stay rigid. Being stiff can cause even more pain after the fall.

At home exercise routines can also increase balance, strength, and agility in order to help decrease the chances of falling, or in the case of a fall, be able to execute the fall in a safe manner.