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Brandi Lovvorn is Awarded National Nurse of the Year Award

Hundreds of nominations are evaluated each year, but just four are chosen to represent their regions as BrightStar Care Nurse of the Year and one takes home the prize for National winner. This year, our very own Brandi Lovvorn was selected as 2019 National Nurse of the Year.

Brandi’s Background

Brandi’s devotion to providing care stems back to her childhood. Having been in the foster care system as a child, she appreciates the importance of having a voice. She works every day to make sure her patients are heard and cared for according to their individual needs. The effect a single caregiver can have on the life of a patient, family, and community is immeasurable. According to all that interact with her, Brandi oozes compassion – and it’s no secret that she’s had a significant impact on several lives.

Brandi Lovvorn is Nurse of the Year 
Brandi has experience in just about every aspect of nursing; she started as a CNA then worked to become an LPN before finally becoming an RN. She’s worked as a traveling nurse as well but prefers the one-on-one attention she can give to patients by being a home care nurse.

Brandi’s work at BrightStar

If one rotten apple can spoil the bunch, Brandi is the equal and opposite kind of apple. Just read through her nomination letters and it becomes clear that her coworkers look to her as a beacon of kindness. The BrightStar Care of Lafayette team will celebrate two years of working with Brandi in September. In two years, she’s become a source of knowledge and advice for her coworkers.

“Brandi inspires me to not only be a better employee but to be a better human,” -  Lisa Minier, Branch Manager.


Give Harley a Lift

A single example of Brandi’s above-and-beyond care was her organization and planning of Give Harley a Lift. Harley is a teen with cerebral palsy and one of Brandi’s clients. His condition severely limits his mobility, and as he aged and grew, the ability to move him around safely became difficult. An avid rider and member of a local motorcycle club herself, an idea sparked that would change Harley’s life.
Brandi would go on to organize a benefit ride in which eight motorcycle clubs took part, a silent auction, and a music-filled, fundraising event. She designed the promotional material for Give Harley a Lift herself, and through her efforts, Harley’s family was able to afford the mobility lift that would allow them to move him around safely.
Brandi Lovvorn, RN and Harley at the motorcycle fundraiser event

Nurse of the Year

Multiple coworkers submitted nominations for Brandi – and for good reason. She exhibits all the qualities of an outstanding nurse: she’s hardworking, compassionate, and diligent in her knowledge and treatment of each patient. But Brandi is much more than the sum of her individual qualities. She leads and inspires her fellow nurses, she improves the lives of her clients, she gives her community a good name. We at BrightStar Care of Lafayette are proud and grateful to have her on our team.

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