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Las Vegas, NV Employee Reviews

“I choose to work for BrightStar because I love helping people.  Caring for people is something my heart loves.”  

“I really love my job and what I do.  I just want all our clients to be happy!!”

"Staff is awesome – always willing to put you to work as long as there’s hours.” 

“I work for BrightStar they are a “Joint Commission accredited agency that is nation-wide.  And the staff is just perfect!”

“Thankful for understanding of schedule with other job and children.”

"I work for BrightStar “because it is a great company.  They’re very supportive and make sure I am comfortable at my shifts, and they’re very flexible.”

“I really appreciate the Scheduling Coordinator and her efforts to find a long term client for me that fits both my school/work schedule and even though it took a few weeks, she was very kind...