Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month in New Hampshire

April 15, 2021

Parkinson's disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder. Its symptoms manifest differently in individuals, and the pace at which the disease progresses varies by person. Taking care of a person with a chronic illness 24/7 is an enormous responsibility. As a Parkinson's caregiver, you must deal with changes in your loved one's behavior as well as their physical, mental, and emotional needs. 

An estimated 1 million Americans are currently living with Parkinson's disease. Because Parkinson's is more likely to be diagnosed in people over sixty, the incidents of Parkinson's are expected to rise in baby boomers as they age. That's why we are focused on helping people with Parkinson's.  

Our Disability & Special Needs Home Care is for individuals living with special or unique care requirements due to Parkinson's Disease, and in many cases, a patient with limited mobility requires home care. At BrightStar Care® of Bedford / Manchester, we provide a personalized approach to care, case management, and disability assistance for our clients.

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About Parkinson's Disease:

The symptoms of Parkinson's disease include muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech and gait. The causes of Parkinson's are unknown, but genetics, aging, and toxins are being researched. After a Parkinson's diagnosis, Parkinson's disease treatments are given to help relieve symptoms. There is no cure for Parkinson's, and herbal remedies are unproven. Studies on using stem cells to treat Parkinson's disease are underway. The prognosis depends on the patient's age and symptoms.

How BrightStar Care Can Help

Our disability care services include:

  • Pressure Relief
  • Special Event and Respite Care
  • Travel Companionship
  • Medical Procedure Transportation 

Additional options:

  • We can stay with you in your home after procedures and assist with meal preparation, bathing, toileting, laundry, light cleaning, and medication reminders.
  • A Registered Nurse (RN) can visit you at home and provide in-home medical care.
  • An RN patient advocate can help coordinate care and treatment, and communicate between you, your family, and your healthcare providers. We can attend appointments with you and help you understand options and make the best possible health care decisions.

BrightStar Care of Bedford - Manchester provides award-winning hourly to 24/7 home health care and medical staffing services.

BrightStar Care's Professional Care Team, led by a Registered Nurse Director of Nursing, delivers expert, compassionate, and personal home health care, including COVID-19 testing, screening, and care. Our professional care experts are ready to serve 24/7. RN oversight ensures the right care from the right people. We proudly provide home health care and support for seniors to children, including 24-hour skilled nursing and support in senior independent and assisted living communities. We are proudly serving Manchester, Bedford, Nashua, Derry, Salem, Londonderry, Hampton, and Exeter areas in New Hampshire.

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