Why Choose BrightStar Care Homes™ in Boise?

BrightStar Care Homes ™ Boise are small assisted living communities created for just 8 to 12 residents, which provides a staff-to-resident ratio of 1:6 or better. These homes look and feel like houses, but they’ve been specially designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Families often think a traditional assisted living facility is their only option when their loved one can no longer stay in their own home. With BrightStar Care Homes, that is no longer the case — and the move from home to this type of assisted living setting is an easy and natural transition for all.

This is an ideal environment for a loved one who craves the comforts of home, but needs some assistance with their daily activities on a 24-hour basis. In addition to those who need physical support, BrightStar Care Homes Boise also offers memory care in this lovely and engaging setting

Each care home has its own personality that is a blend of those who live there. Part of that sentiment comes from the presence of furnishings from home — such as a special rocker or favorite chair — that are woven into the home’s environment. This creates an atmosphere infused with joy and connection among the residents.

Safety and Security

Your loved one will thrive in the cozy and beautiful home-like environment, while you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with security designed for the unique needs of seniors.

In addition to our attentive staff, we also use sensors so we are aware as soon as residents are moving around and can assist them quickly. Other safety measures includes external cameras, along with doors and gates that contain sensors to alert our staff if something is amiss. 

Registered Nurse Oversight

A Registered Nurse (RN) for BrightStar Care Homes Boise creates a personalized plan of care for each resident and provides ongoing oversight. We know it’s important to monitor each individual’s health to identify any changes that occur so we can intervene to reduce the likelihood of illness, injury or hospitalization.

Your family member’s plan will evolve as needed to ensure they are as healthy and safe as possible. Of course, we’ll remain in communication with you, letting you know of any changes.

Discover the Difference

With premium services, predictable pricing and access to the leadership team 24/7, BrightStar Care Homes Boise also supports your needs as a family member who is entrusting their loved one to our care.

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