BrightStar Care’s Skills Lab

February 15, 2024
Skills-Lab.jpgSeveral months ago, we added several different education and training pieces to our skills lab to be used at each new staff orientation as well as to facilitate a minimum of bi-yearly reviews and on an as needed basis for specific client’s needs.

Our skills lab is lead and directed by our Director of Nursing and/or our Nurse Case Manager.

During each orientation or training session, our staff is shown how to do the following and then demonstrate competency on the following:
  • Hoyer machine transfer using our mannequin for transfers.
  • The use of a gait belt. Differences in styles of catheter bags and how to empty them. How to put gloves on and remove them to avoid contamination.
  • Proper Handwashing.
Regardless of experience, it is important to make sure that all of our staff have the reviews and the opportunity to ask questions about any changes in procedures.