February 9, 2022
Michael Rivera

Winter is here and although it is beautiful, it reminds us that we all need to be careful when it comes to the cold, ice and snow.  When it comes to winter safety, practicing proper prevention is essential to avoiding serious injury. Here are 5 tips to help avoid slips on ice. 

Plan ahead and give yourself enough time. Rushing on the ice is the fastest way to suffer a fall. Give yourself a few extra minutes – that’s all you need – so you can take your time when navigating icy surfaces.
Wear proper footwear. Shoes or boots with soles that provide traction and place the whole foot on the ground are the best choice for everyday use in the winter.

Assume there is ice on every surface. Even when a sidewalk or parking lot might look safe, there is still a risk of ice being present. Always practice caution to avoid an unexpected surprise.
Focus. It is especially important to stay focused when walking on icy surfaces. Keep your phone in your pocket, be aware of your surroundings, and keep your eyes looking forward.

Walk like a penguin. Changing how you walk in the winter can help avoid a fall. Safety experts across the board recommend walking like a penguin. Spread your feet out wider than normal, lean slightly forward, take small steps, and place your arms at your side with hands out of pockets.