Our Staff at BrightStar Care® Santa Barbara County

Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to caring for your loved one as if they were family. Get to know our team.

  • Sharon Perez, MSW

    Owner/Director of Operations

    As far back as I can remember my family was in the business of helping people. I bring almost 40 years of experience and education. With a degree in Ultrasound, a degree in Hospital Administration, a Master of Divinity, and a Master of Social Work, I feel I have combined my love for the physical, emotional, as well as psychological needs of the clients and families whom we are privileged to care for. I love the beach, the ocean, and doing anything together with my family.

  • Michael Perez

    Owner/Sales Manager
    Most of my career I have been in Sales, Marketing and Finance. I have started several businesses over the years, but never found one that had such a positive impact on people's lives.

    Personally, I have experienced the difficulties of being a sole caregiver for a loved one with a terminal illness. During that difficult time, I felt that there was a great need for quality care to help provide rest for those who stay home and care for others. I served four years in the United States Navy, and am a proud veteran. 
    michael perez
  • Heather Borgatello

    Sales Representative
    I have over twenty years of experience in the medical industry. As I have collectively developed my expertise in this industry, I have increasingly developed a passion in assisting others. This has given me a great sense of fulfilment, and has led me to BrightStar Care!

    In addition to my profession, I have raised three children and I have a Shih Tzu dog, Tobias. They are all of the great joys of my life. I take great delight in exercising, cooking, interior decorating, and creating unique floral arrangements and wreaths. I savor vacationing with my family and aspire to join the Peace Corps someday. I was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin and went to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
  • Jacob Espeland

    Scheduling Coordinator

    I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara this year with a B.S. degree in Microbiology. I am an aspiring physician with a strong desire to care for the underserved members of our community. I joined BrightStar Care as a Scheduling Coordinator soon after graduation.

    My role is to ensure a seamless schedule between our clients and caregivers. I am eager to learn this new aspect of healthcare while I prepare for medical school. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends, going on camping trips, and eating at new restaurants!

    Jacob Espeland
  • Amber Gilliam, LVN

    Clinical Supervisor

    I have been in the healthcare industry for over six years in many capacities. These various roles have shaped me into a well-rounded employee who understands the individual needs of each client. I strive to deliver client-centered medical attention in various clinical and residential environments. My experience includes countless hours of hands-on patient care as a Vocational Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Home Health Aide. I possess an excellent track record of professionalism, patience, and outstanding patient care coupled with strong written and verbal communication abilities.

    I receive personal fulfillment when I build a personal connection with each individual patient and their family.

    amber gilliam
  • Carmen Gomez

    Recruiter, Onboarding Coordinator
    I love meeting new people, making corny jokes, and most importantly hearing other people’s stories! I especially love to hear what inspires them to become healthcare workers and professionals who have so much compassion for others. 

    Some might say I took the scenic route to my destination as a Recruiter with BrightStar Care.  On my journey I have worked in many diverse fields, from producing television to sales management, each of which has prepared me for my current role.

    Although the extent of my healthcare experience was my role as a student athletic trainer for my high school football team, I understand the importance of having a compassionate care team! My goal is to add team members whose drive is to help and serve others.
  • Rachel Holland

    Customer Care Manager

    My role is to oversee the scheduling and caregiver assignments. I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant working in Facilities and in homes for the past nine years. As the Customer Care Manager, I provide the communication between the scheduling team, the caregivers, and the clients, providing a higher standard of care always in mind. I am very passionate about what I do and thankful to be a part of BrightStar Care of Santa Barbara County from its beginning.

    I am the mother of Riley Mae, who often comes in to help Grandma (Sharon) at the office. Riley's official title is Chief Child Executive, and she always brings a smile to everyone at the office.

    Rachel Holland
  • Ella Malin-Renard

    Marketing Assistant/Events Coordinator

    I am a Santa Barbara native with a deep passion for art and a solid commitment to uplifting the local community. As an art history major at SBCC and a previous Visual Arts and Design Academy student, I have immersed myself in the art world and developed a profound appreciation for its transformative power. 

    I am thrilled to be working alongside Brightstar Care’s Santa Barbara Team, and look forward expanding the avenues in which in can assist in community support and outreach!

  • Amanda Marsango

    Training Coordinator/CPR Instructor
    My experience working in health care started when I was responsible for providing care for my mother who was terminally ill. This experience inspired me to go back to school to pursue a career in this field, and in 2006 I completed a Medical Assistant Program. In 2007, I decided to switch my focus and began working in Residential Facilities, and in homes specifically with clients who have Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease.  I bring this experience to my role at BrightStar where I oversee the Training Program for our caregivers and I am a certified CPR Instructor.
    Amanda Marsango
  • Laurie Maxwell

    Home Health Coordinator

    I have a Bachelor's degree from University of California in Santa Barbara, and an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle. My most recent background was a 20-year career in the staffing industry, overseeing various departments within the corporate headquarters. 

    As BrightStar’s Santa Barbara County operation continues to grow and diversify, I will lend my expertise in communications, logistics, and operations. Realizing how important this industry truly is, I am very pleased to be a part of BrightStar Care. I escorted my aging parents through their final years, learning what it means to provide care for others. BrightStar was one of the important tools in my eldercare journey! After seeing the level of care they provided,  I am excited to join this organization as an employee with passion and enthusiasm.

    Laurie Maxwell
  • Laura Nielsen

    Branch Manager/Human Resources
    My passion for helping people drives what I do at BrightStar Care of Santa Barbara County. I have over 30 years of professional experience working at various colleges, with 10 of those years in leadership positions. 

    I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and a background in technical recruiting, public relations and social media management. Personally, I helped with hiring caregivers for my parents, and I know first-hand, the importance of finding great, trustworthy, quality caregivers for loved ones. This experience motivates me daily to ensure our clients and families are provided the same care and understanding that was provided to my family.
    Laura Nielsen
  • Melisa Ocampo

    Client Care Supervisor

    Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to help people. Taking care of patients and making a positive difference in their lives brings me a strong sense of fulfillment. It’s a passion that has made my time as a Certified Nursing Assistant and my years working for Brightstar Care are a very enjoyable experience.

    Prior to being promoted to my new role as a Client Care Supervisor, I worked in the field for a year and a half with our clients. Now I focus on making sure our caregivers are providing the highest standard of care for our clients and providing the excellent service that they can expect from BrightStar Care of Santa Barbara County. Additionally, I work closely with our nurses and communicate with them on any clinical needs. I’m thrilled to be part of this team and I believe that we will make a difference in countless people's lives.

    Melisa Ocampo
  • Christine Pardee

    Home Care Nurse, RN, BSN
    I am excited to join the BrightStar Care team and use my nursing skills in the home care environment. I have worked in a hospital for the last 14 years in various capacities including medical surgery, critical care, post-anesthesia care, and outpatient surgery.

    I strive to make a difference in people's lives by leading with compassion and care. I am looking forward to helping clients and their families during challenging times. It can be difficult to navigate finding care for loved ones and I am hoping my contributions will make this process smoother.

    When I am not working, you can find me spending time with family and friends. I enjoy hiking, spending time at the beach, staying active, and enjoying the beautiful Santa Barbara weather!
  • Javan Quinones

    Finance Manager/Assistant to Owner/DOO

    I was born and raised in Brawley, CA and moved to Santa Barbara County back in 2015 to pursue higher education. During this time, my primary job was as a Nursing Assistant providing in-home care for the elderly. Additionally, I worked remotely for a criminal law firm and held the position of legal secretary, assisting with clerical tasks, payroll, and scheduling.

    My previous knowledge and experience as a caregiver allows me to understand the importance of our clients well-being and the hard work and dedication it takes for our employees to provide a “higher standard of care.”

    My role as Finance Manager for BrightStar Care of Santa Barbara County is to process weekly payroll/billing, oversee and assist the Owner/Director of Operations with account receivables/account payables and financial reporting for the business. 

    Javan Quinones
  • Sierra Ramirez

    Scheduling Coordinator
    I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, and have the pleasure of being a local! I have worked in Medical Facilities for almost 8 years in our lovely Santa Barbara County. I have had a passion for helping others in the community as long as I can recall. I love to help others even if it's just a simple conversation! I am a very open-minded and happy person, so I love to spread the positivity to anyone who gives me the opportunity to do so.

    I love to ride my bike throughout beautiful California, and to create new recipes for baked goods. I have an 8-week-old Australian Shepherd/Pitbull mix whom I love dearly and her name is Chela; she has one green and one blue eye so she's very unique! I am always learning, and love to try new things -- so I am grateful to become a part of the BrightStar Care team as a Scheduling Coordinator.
    Sierra Ramirez
  • Annie Rivas-Gonzales, RN, MSN

    Director of Nursing/Patient Services
    I have been a nurse for 15 years in the Santa Barbara County area. I have received a Bachelors and Masters degrees in nursing. The experience that I bring to BrightStar Care includes Surgical Trauma Nursing, OR Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Home Care Nursing, Travel Immunization Nursing, advanced skills in IV Therapy, Care of open heart patients and Neuro Critical care patients, along with many other complex nursing skills. I am passionate about the impact I bring to my patients' lives. The reward in helping others is great.

    My strengths include the ability to start an IV on any patient, my ability to teach fellow nurses, and my strength to adapt, learn, and handle stressful environments. I can critically think and problem solve in any situation.
    Annie Rivas
  • Jordan Rodgers

    Caregiver Specialist / Office Assistant

    From a young age, I knew I had a passion for helping others. It warms my heart when I can make someone’s day and see a smile on someone’s face. I’m an aspiring nurse in the making. I love meeting new people, making others laugh, and being someone to count on. 
    Prior to my promotion to become a caregiver specialist/office assistant, I have worked as a caregiver since joining BrightStar last year. Prior to BrightStar, I have experience working at a hospital in the nutrition department, answering phones, and taking/delivering orders. I look forward to continuing making an impact in people’s lives however I can! As someone who loves being a part of a team, I’m excited to be a team player in the office as well as out in the field. 

    In my free time I love to spend time with my puppy – teaching her new things and going on adventures! Her name is Princess and she is half white German Shepherd and half Golden Retriever. Besides spending time with my dog, I love spending time with family and friends, traveling, and learning new things.

  • Darren Turgul

    Community Relations & Accounts Receivable
    I am a California native, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently moved down to Santa Barbara. I have four years of customer service experience and more than three years of sales experience.

    I am thrilled to become a member of the BrightStar Care team! My job is a challenging blend of community relations and accounts receivable management. Balancing my commitment to work and school, I am also a student at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

    Outside of my academic pursuits, I indulge my passion for cars by customizing and creating car-related content. I also like going to the gym and watching movies.
    Darren Turgul
  • Alma Valdivia

    Scheduling Coordinator
    I started my health care career as an activities director in memory care, and eventually transitioned to assisted living. I have over five years working with seniors in my community. 

    I have a passion for providing our clients with high quality care. Since becoming a Scheduling Coordinator with BrightStar Care, I've learned new behind-the-scenes skills that are important to providing the higher standard of care that our clients deserve. I really enjoy getting to know our caregivers and clients and making the perfect matches!

    I was born and raised in Santa Barbara and feel very blessed to live and work in such a beautiful city.
  • Nicole Vasquez

    Case Manager

    I graduated from CSU Channel Islands in June of 2020 with my Bachelor’s Degree in English. I have always enjoyed helping others and my passion for working with others has stemmed since I took CNA courses in High school.

    My role as the Home Health Case Manager at BrightStar Care Santa Barbara County is to ensure that our skilled cases and our patients are provided the highest level of care, and and schedule the nurses at faciltites. In my spare time, I like to travel and spend time with my son and husband.

    Nicole Vasquez
  • Michael Yamasaki

    Operations Manager
    Although I was born in Milwaukee, I grew up in Goleta. Growing up locally instilled a sense of community and camaraderie, values that I carry with me in both my personal and professional life. Throughout my professional career, I have managed and led Health & Wellness teams; for more than 30 years I have been committed to improving the lives of others. I am so glad to be a part of the BrightStar Care team, as it fits right into my experience and personal mission!

    Outside my professional endeavors, I am passionate about giving back to the community by coaching kids, imparting valuable life skills, and encouraging teamwork and the resilient spirit in them. I’m the proud father of two sons and in my spare time, I enjoy playing softball and golf.
    Michael Yamasaki

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