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Careers at BrightStar Care® West Lake County

At BrightStar Care of West Lake County, we’re looking for nurses and caregivers who are passionate about giving high-quality care to people in their community and beyond. If that sounds like you, explore our job openings and find your perfect fit at BrightStar Care of West Lake County. We can’t wait to support your career every step of the way.


Great Benefits and Support

BrightStar Care of West Lake County sees the value in the world’s best nurses and caregivers. That’s why we’re proud to offer flexible schedules, work-life balance, growth opportunities, competitive wages, and more. Interested? Explore more benefits and support here.

Help Us Hire the Best

We’re always looking for nurses and caregivers who share BrightStar Care’s passion for serving others and providing high-quality care. If you know a friend or colleague who would be a perfect fit, we’d love to meet them. Just fill out our referral form.

*Caregiver Staffing, Inc. plans for using Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant monies are as follows: Increasing wages for all client care employees. In 2023, new hires will receive higher pay rates and most existing employees will get a pay raise of $1 ‐ $2 per hour. We will be offering additional bonus incentives for picking up shifts, driving to a farther client, completing additional training programs and other similar employment activities. Caregiver Staffing also anticipates an increase in overtime for 2023 which will be funded through this initiative. If additional funding is available after these changes, we will be implementing a mobile device reimbursement plan.*

Find Your Career

If you’d like to be a part of BrightStar Care of West Lake County, you can click below to search our job openings and apply. You can also call our office at 219.924.0200 to speak to someone on our team about taking the next step in your career.