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Home care in Milford, MA

  • 115 Water St
  • Suite 200
  • Milford, MA 01757

Meet Our Milford, MA Home Care Team

Owners - Richard & Brenda Pulsifer

We moved back to Massachusetts from Florida in November 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, to take over ownership of the BrightStar Care of Milford-Framingham franchise office. Relocating and taking over ownership in Milford was an easy decision for us as it’s the perfect location-our office lies between our two daughters, our oldest who lives in New Hampshire our youngest who lives in Rhode Island. That’s why we came back to MA, that, and the BrightStar opportunity presented itself.  Brenda, a Registered Nurse, loves being able to help people, and Rich, a Sales Professional is a people person who loves hanging out and talking. This is what we signed up for, we’re caregivers. Running a business together is something we have experienced before. We previously owned a car dealership in Salem, NH. Working so closely together has its challenges but we make a great team. When we are not working, our favorite thing to do is spend time our daughters and our grandchildren. We have a 5-year-old grandson, a 1-year-old granddaughter and another granddaughter due April 2022.

Director of Nursing - Carolyn Brennan

Being a nurse for eleven years introduced me to dedicating the last nine to infusion therapy. This is where I found my passion for home care.  
During my career as a registered nurse I have worked as a study research nurse, outpatient urgent care nurse and then specialized in a home infusion therapy.  Being a research nurse allowed me to develop strong documentation skills and made me appreciate why it is such an essential aspect of healthcare.  Through my experience as an urgent care nurse I learned how to prioritize patient care and provide the highest standard of care in an acute setting.  My passion however, is providing home infusion therapy which I have done for nearly a decade.  Having a diversified background allows me to understand the vast complexities of the internal and external fundamentals of home care.  As a nurse in home care I am provided the unique opportunity to provide a very personal multifaceted level of care attending to patient’s emotional and medical needs. The setting of home care provided me an opportunity to face a diverse population of patients as well as a diverse group of clinical challenges. Caring for infants to the elderly provides a complete education of our life’s cycle.
Providing the highest quality of care to our patients is what i am most passionate about. This is truly what makes a difference in the lives of those caring for our patients.  We need to appreciate the families that allow us into their lives at such a vulnerable time.  The relationships we develop through providing uncompromised care leave a lasting impression. 
I am best at establishing confidence from my patients by showing respect, true compassion and providing the highest quality of care possible. I take great pride in having a high level of clinical skills and the ability to adapt to each patient setting individually. Maintaining integrity and following through on patient outcome is essential. I see health care as a collaborative effort demanding we all must work together harmoniously to achieve the common goal of the highest standard of care.

Branch Manager - Melissa Turco

Being branch manager for a home healthcare agency is something I didn’t ever see myself doing, but once I started, I instantly fell in love with it. I started here at BrightStar part time to assist my mother (Brenda) with small tasks. As I learned more about the company, I took on more responsibilities and became manager of our branch. My mom and I work hand-in-hand to ensure all of our clients and employees are taken care of. Not many people get the opportunity to work with their family, and I am very lucky to be able to be part of their team. I spend most of my time working in the background taking care of everyday tasks. I like to bring exciting, creative, and fun ideas to help improve our team. When I am not working, you will find me spending time with my family. I am the mom to a wild, loving, 5-year-old boy and a baby girl due April 2022. 

Scheduler/Customer Care Manager - Lisbeth Valdez

I am the Scheduler/Customer Care Manager for BrightStar Care. I am a recent graduate from Brandeis University with a Business and a Hispanic studies degree. I am hard-working with proven leadership, planning, problem-solving, and organization skills. I have been working with BrightStar Care since June of 2021, offering my scheduling, professional team player, and problem-solving skills to grow our company. I am most passionate about being able to help our clients and employees and being able to match our clients with the best quality aides. I also enjoy learning new ways to do my job more efficiently, improving customer and employee management skills, and being a helpful employee. I have three unique strengths to bring to BrightStar Care: I am a hard worker, a professional team player, and I’m very detail oriented. A fun fact about me is that I went to 13 schools before undergrad because I moved a lot. A fun hobby that I like is rollerblading.

Ashlie Hamel - Weekend On-Call

I am the weekend on-call representative for BrightStar Care. I am a recent graduate from Fitchburg State University with a master’s degree in special education. I consider myself to be goal driven, organized, reliable and outgoing. I have been working for BrightStar Care for 6 months in both a HHA role and an office role. When clients and employees call on the weekend, I will ensure that their needs are met. I strive to do my best to help both the clients and the employees and make sure everyone is satisfied with their experiences with Brightstar Care. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy spending my free time with my two children and riding my motorcycle.