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BrightStar Worcester Milford Remembers - A Bright Light Extinguished

January 11th, 2016

david-bowieWe live in a world of fame, fortunes, and fads. But a singular talent passed when David Bowie succumbed to cancer this week. Whether you fancied his dramatic personas, his ever-changing musical styles, or his trend setting looks, his imprint is undeniable.

I don't celebrate Christmas but without a doubt my favorite Christmas song was the duet Bowie did with another icon, Bing Crosby. No matter how many times it played I never tired of hearing it unlike so many holiday classics. The song was sublime. It paired two giants from completely separate eras and that was undoubtedly part of it's magic and success. And music is the stuff of memories.

Many of us remember days in our lives, phases, or even who we were dating in a song. Treasured memories have their own sound track of sorts and Bowie's music is often part of that collection. His music appropriately made it to space when Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield serenaded the planet with his rendition of Space Oddity. It was both haunting and painfully exquisite. If you haven't heard and seen it, do so as soon as you finish reading this post. You'll be grateful you did. Fortunately music lives on long after the artist is gone and we will have the work of David Bowie for years and years. Condolences to his family and friends and thanks, David, your music and life made a huge difference.