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Utterly Inspirational

April 20th, 2016

Maybe you've already seen this video. But, if you haven't take 30 seconds now and watch it. I don't know about you, but lately between the12955951_1403976972961524_626523093_n terrorist murders, contentious presidential campaign politics, and watching my retirement funds dwindle as people celebrated lower gas prices- I am weary. More than weary. I've been feeling down trodden and beaten down. It just seems that news gets gloomier and gloomier, stories getting attention seem darker and less uplifting. Well I can use a little uplifting right about now. No wait- a LOT of it!

It is just the sort of thing that we don't see enough of. Somewhere out there in this big impersonal world there are people who still spend most of their waking hours trying to make the world better and more accessible for others. There really are individuals and companies, too, that devote their resources to bettering the world or some small part of it.

Admittedly I avoid looking at Facebook too frequently, once or twice a day does me fine. But I was elated when I saw the video of the woman and her dog hooking her wheelchair up to a unit that essentially converted her wheelchair into a vehicle more like a car. BRILLIANT! and, yes, inspiring. It's just the sort of thing that does make you happy to see and even happier to share. No wonder the person who posted it on FB is called "Happiness is Contagious." If you watch it and agree please share it with others.


Consider this post a little gift from your friends at BrightStar Care Milford Worcester!

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