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Frequently Asked In-Home Care Questions

At BrightStar, we strive day in and day out to serve as a helpful resource to those in need. From adult and elder care to a range of child care and medical staffing services, we’ve identified some of the most frequently asked home care provider questions – and answers – to guide you in the right direction.

These FAQs won’t cover everything, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now or find the BrightStar Care nearest you. Let us know how we can help.

Q: What kind of home care services do you provide?

Our services include companion care, personal care, nursing care, medication management, Alzheimer’s & dementia care, disability services, respite care, senior transportation for BrightStar Care clients and 24 hour and live-in care as well as senior care, child care and transitional care.


Q: Where do you provide services?

A: There are many BrightStar Care agencies across the country. Click here to find a location nearest to you.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Find a BrightStar Care near you, send us a note about your needs or call us toll free at (866) 618 – STAR (7827). Let’s talk to see how we may best be of service. Depending on what you feel is necessary, we can arrange a time to schedule a personal assessment so we can complete the picture.

We will work with you to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. We can arrange for services ranging from a couple of hours a week to around-the-clock care. No need is too great. We work hard to ensure caregiver-client compatibility as part of our “Guaranteed Compatibility” program. Medical staffing services can usually begin almost immediately.

Q: How are you providing care during Covid? ​

 Each of the preventative measures recommended by the CDC are already standard practice across our agencies, and all professional care staff complete stringent training administered by a Registered Nurse on topics critical to keeping clients safe such as infection control (IC), proper hand washing, and cough and cold etiquette. As a best practice, we follow both Joint Commission and CDC guidelines. For more information, you can read about how we are keeping clients safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Do you offer Covid screening services?

A: Yes. Find out more about how BrightStar Care can help safeguard your employees and business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: How do you select your caregivers?

A: All of our caregivers are rigorously screened. We interview everyone in person and then conduct a thorough reference, criminal background check, and drug screen test. Everyone that works with us, from home health aides to nurses, are bonded and insured.

Every one of our caregivers has at least one year of experience and most of our caregivers have advanced training. We match caregivers to you and your family based on the skills needed and personality traits necessary for a good relationship.

Q: What makes BrightStar Care different from other companies? 

A: What distinguishes BrightStar is that the care we provide revolves around you, our client. The services we provide are custom tailored to each client’s individual needs. We are also available to all of our clients around the clock. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide service whenever it is needed.  We’ll be there anytime.  Any place. But don’t take our word for it, see our awards for yourself.

Q: What happens if my caregiver is sick? 

A: It’s not a problem. That’s why we employ a team approach. If one home health aide, nurse, or caregiver is sick, another is normally available.

Q: Who pays the caregiver – me or you?

A: BrightStar Care handles all the payroll, taxes, insurance and administrative responsibilities for you. We will even bill your long-term care insurance company for you.

Q: Can I change the schedule if I have appointments?

A: Yes, changes are easily accommodated. Our clients’ needs always come first.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to keep services for a specified period of time?

A: No. At BrightStar Care, we are flexible to your needs and recognize that due to changing circumstances, you may need to increase or decrease services. Whether you need us for one hour or 24, our answer is, “Yes we can!” Unlike nursing homes or assisted living facilities, home care services can be cancelled at any time. Other agencies in this industry call for clients to adhere to minimums to meet their requirements. BrightStar Care only wants to meet your requirements. Learn more.

Q: Why should I use BrightStar Care rather than hire someone out of the newspaper myself?

A: There are several great reasons why BrightStar Care should be your choice for quality home care. All of our caregivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. Our caregivers also undergo Bloodborne Pathogen and HIPAA training and follow the highest standards for Covid infection control and client safety. Also, we test all of our medical personnel to assess their skills. We need to make sure our certified home health aides, nurse aides, or companions are the best in the business.

Every family needs to be aware that almost every Homeowner’s insurance policy specifically excludes anyone working within your home. If the person you hire becomes injured while working for you, you will become personally responsible for all of their medical bills. This has left several families very vulnerable when their caregiver injured themselves at their home.

The potential to lose everything you have worked so hard to achieve seems an unnecessary risk. Every one of BrightStar Care’s employees are completely covered by insurance so you and your loved ones can relax knowing that if something unforeseen happens to your caregiver, they are completely covered by insurance.

We also maintain a large staff of quality employees to ensure that the most compatible and reliable caregiver will be there to provide the best care for seniors, newborns, or children in their own home, for you, your family member, or friend. We are here for you, 24 hours, seven days a week!

Q: BrightStar Care services seem like a good choice. What’s the next step?

A: You can call (866) 618-7827 or contact a BrightStar Care home care agency near you.

Q: Are services covered by Medicare or insurance?

A: Medicare does not pay for this type of care. Many long-term care policies will reimburse for these kinds of services. We are happy to work with your insurance company to make that determination. We will also assist you by billing the insurance company directly. Read our guide on How to Pay for In-Home Care for more information.

Q: What if service must be changed?

A: No problem. We are very flexible and understand that situations can quickly change. Our only concern is your wellbeing and we respond accordingly.

Q: How much do the services cost?

A: BrightStar offers several levels of care and costs are determined based on each client’s needs including level of service and hours needed per week. Find the nearest BrightStar Care office and have an intake coordinator assess your situation. We will then be more than happy to provide you a quote on the price of services and set up a payment plan that works for you.

Q: Who can best be helped by BrightStar Care?

A: BrightStar Care is the perfect solution for anyone who needs supportive services in order to remain in their home. What makes BrightStar Care unique is that, if a client’s needs evolve, we can be there every step of the way to meet those needs. We are able to provide every service available in an institutional facility in the comfort of each client’s own home.

BrightStar Care clients include those with diminished eyesight or hearing, arthritis, COPD, those recovering from severe medical problems such as cancer or heart disease, or those who are dealing with memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia. We also help clients with disabilities as well those who are just coming home from the hospital. Many of our clients have a number of conditions which make the everyday activities of life difficult.

Unlike other companies that offer similar services, BrightStar Care also provides medical staffing services to corporate clients such as hospitals and nursing homes. As a result we are able to offer everyone that works with us superior benefits, thereby attracting the best and brightest. Additionally, this gives us a much larger base of professional nurses, home health aides, nurse aides, and any other allied health professionals to draw from.

For example, because we recruit phlebotomists for various labs, we are able to offer in-home blood draws. We are also able to have nurses perform medication set-ups, and even have nurses perform around-the-clock care depending on the need. It is a benefit that we are able to offer because we have a large pool of professionals to draw from. It’s just another way we’re making more possible each and every day. Let us know how we can help.

Q: Do you have a Registered Nurse on staff?

A: Yes. Every person and family we work with has a registered nurse who leads their care team. Find out more about our nurse-led home care.

Q: Are your services only for seniors?

A: No, we also provide services to new mothers, individuals with disabilities, victims of accidents, people recovering from a recent illness or surgery, and anyone who needs a little help getting around the house. Our care professionals specialize in providing a full range of care, from peer-level companionship and hospital sitting services to high-tech pediatric and quadriplegic care. Anytime, any place.

Q: Can BrightStar Care help with medications?

Yes. Learn more about our Medication Management Services for Seniors.

Q: What is live-in home care? Do you offer 24 hour care or overnight services? ​

A live-in caregiver resides in the client’s home and provides consistent 1-on-1 help on a daily basis. BrightStar Care offers 24-hour home care services when your loved one needs either continuous assistance in daily tasks or short-term help while recovering from medical procedures. Find out more, by visiting 24-hour in-home care for seniors.

Q: Are you hiring nurses, caregivers and/or office staff? 

Yes, we are always seeking out those who want to deliver the best in-home care. To learn more about if  BrightStar Care is the right place for you, visit Working for BrightStar Care in our Careers section.

Q: Are there any job opportunities near me?

To find out if there is a job opportunity with a BrightStar Care agency near you, visit our Search & Apply page and type in the zip code of the area you would like to work in.

Q: How do I get a job at BrightStar Care?

First, you can access a list of our independently-owned BrightStar Care franchises' open in-home care jobs here. The electronic application form can be accessed at the bottom of each employment opportunity listing by clicking on the application box. Completed applications and resumes are submitted directly from the website.

Q: How is the privacy of my personal information maintained?

A: Click here to learn more about how BrightStar Care is protecting your privacy online.