Home care in Richmond, VA

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  • Suite 302
  • Richmond, VA 23226

Client Testimonials from BrightStar of VA - Richmond

Our Richmond team is so pleased to have happy and satisfied clients and their testimonials bear this out by complimenting our caregivers and staff for finding ways to provide more to them, each and every day.

"The services help me a great deal.
The caregiver does everything I would do.
The caregiver helps Frank with keeping his daily schedule.
I could not do it by myself.”

"The caregivers are great workers.
They are polite and on time.
They deal with my husband well.
He accepts them."

"The caregivers do what I ask them and in the exact way"

"If you need a good caregiver, which I have had for the last year and a half, you need to go to BrightStar"

"The caregiver is very good at doing thangs on my list"

"My caregiver and I get along so well because we are compatible and she is easy to get along with"

"The services hare allowed my father to do his daily activities, and I don't have to be the one to always help him"

"The caregivers that we request have a great work ethic"

"The caregivers we have most often are proactive and respectful of my father.
They also see out things to do"

"The caregivers bathe my father with dignity and do not treat him as if he cannot do things"

"The office staff is great because they are responsive to emails and calls.
The owner is very attentive to the needs of the clients"

"BrightStar Care has made my life easier because they can drive me places I need to go and do things around the house"

“The caregivers will bring me anything I need and take me to the store.
The main reason I have them is for driving."

“The caregivers have a good attitude when they come to work.”

“The caregivers show the they care by helping me."

“The office staff has been helpful by checking in on me."

“I would recommend BrightStar for home care because they have been very good and the help is very friendly and cheerful."

“I like that the caregivers are very willing to help me out, and they give me suggestions on how to improve my health."

“The caregivers are helpful in everything that they do for me."

“The caregivers seem to know what they are doing, and they have been a big help to me.”

“The office staff makes sure that they understand the things that they are trying to help me with."

“I chose to work for BrightStar because the company and the policy seemed pretty fair.
They offer more than what other home agencies offer.”

“I would tell others the BrightStar is a good company to work for if you are looking for a home health agency."

“If I have a problem, I know I can go talk to someone about it and my supervisor is open-minded and has an open ear."

“I chose BrightStar because of how polite the people were when I came in contact with the company."

“I would tell a friend that BrightStar is very approachable and flexible with my schedule, and there are chances for advancement."

“My training was helpful because BrightStar had classes about different things, like dementia, Hoyer lifts, and other things."

“My clients' needs are given to me in the care plans."

“I feel comfortable sharing my ideas and opinions because everything I say is listened to and taken into consideration.”

“BrightStar recognizes what I do by sending texts out telling me that they appreciate me.”

“BrightStar is a good company to work for because they care about their employees.
The work schedule is really flexible, and you don't have to work if you don't want to.”

“I am matched to clients who I am able to care for.”

“I chose to work for BrightStar Care because I read the reviews which were pretty decent.”

“BrightStar Care pays weekly and everyone knows my name there so it's a personal agency.”

“BrightStar Care had hands on training and online training.
When I had questions, the nurse was able to make things clear for me.”

“BrightStar Care has a portal online and that has the client history and their needs.
If I have any questions, I can call but it's self-explanatory."

“The communication is great."

“The office staff is very welcoming, kind and always asks if I need help with anything.”

“BrightStar Care is very good with communication through texting, phone calls and office visits.”