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Monitoring Vital Signs

March 13th, 2015

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Aging in place allows seniors to live an independent life in the familiar surroundings of their own home. As wonderful as the comforts and freedom of home are, however, there are a few challenges. Loneliness, responsibility for chores and errands, and problems with personal hygiene routines can all be challenges. Most of all, the elderly can suffer for not having regular access to health monitoring.

When the elderly live in assisted care facilities, regular visits by physicians and nurses are a given. At home, monitoring tends to rarely be done. With no one around to keep an eye on their vital signs, seniors may lose an important opportunity to have health conditions diagnosed early.

There's no reason to give up an aging-in-place plan for these reasons, though. BrightStar Care in Hammond offers the best in-home care professionals. Our registered nurses make sure that seniors are able to have their health properly monitored and that their physicians are notified.

Home care from BrightStar Care

BrightStar Care’s skilled nursing providers make home visits to see elderly clients on a regular basis, monitor their vital signs, help with medications and intravenous injections, look at blood sugar levels, make changes of bandages and dressings if needed, and even offer training in the operation of healthcare equipment.

How exactly does it help to be monitored at home?

Having skilled nursing care for basic healthcare monitoring can be vital to an elderly person's chances at remaining healthy. Certainly, monitoring at home with easy-to-use electronic equipment is an option; these healthcare devices are rarely as accurate as professional measurements. Engaging home health care, though, can help in a number of ways.

  • Monitoring blood pressure. Monitoring the blood pressure on a regular basis can be very useful. Low blood pressure may cause a blackout or fall; high blood pressure may cause a stroke or heart attack. Having regular measurements can ensure these health issues are prevented.
  • Monitoring pulse rate. Keeping an eye on the pulse rate is important as a way to catch heartbeat irregularities. The doctor is able to prescribe special medications to help.
  • Monitoring body temperature. Infections are one cause of fevers, and keeping an eye on body temperature alerts the nurse to the presence of a problem that requires further investigation.

Aging in place is a wonderful idea, and with caregivers from BrightStar Care in Hammond, there's nothing better than growing old at home.

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