Nurse Of The Year

At BrightStar, our caregivers are everything to our clients - and to us. Each year, we reach out to the people whose lives have been touched by our compassionate care professionals - from home health aides and personal care attendants to nurses and more - nationwide to share their experiences with us. Hundreds of nominations pour in from our clients and their loved ones for review and a team of judges read each and every one through a difficult finalist selection process. The nominations are tender, poignant and loving, and echo the many reasons why our clients continue to choose BrightStar - our caregivers are making our clients lives better, and truly making more possible for them every chance they can.

  • 2016
  • 2015
Midwest Region

Kelly Honn

Wheaton, IL office
Northeast Region

Daisy Cruz

Stamford, CT office
West Region

Elise Troske Roberts

Seattle, WA office
Southeast Region

Vashti Johnson

Cary, NC office