Southeast Nurse of the Year 2015

Becky Morosky

Southeast Region

Leland, NC Office

This is exciting for me! I love having the opportunity to introduce you to our Director of Nursing, Becky Morosky (also known by many of our families as “Becky BrightStar”). She was our very first employee over five years ago when we opened BrightStar Care in Brunswick, Georgia. Ken and I have never tried to fool ourselves into thinking that our business could have been nearly this successful as it is if it weren’t for Becky.  She has a compassion for patients that is second to none! I think one of the best ways to illustrate this is to copy some of the direct quotes we have received from the Press Ganey surveys.

  • *Becky Morosky, was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She went "out of her way" to make sure my husband received the best care possible. She was great!
  • I wouldn't change a thing! The nurse *Becky was impeccable. She was the most professional and knowledgeable nurse I have EVER had!
  • All care was wonderful. Have not received a bill yet. I am a nurse myself and can honestly say *Becky made our experience very manageable. She gave 110% in providing care and knowledge to both my husband & myself. A. McKie RN, house manager @ Sqhs. in Brunswick 3/1/15.

One of the most impressive qualities that Becky possesses is her ability to lead by example.   I will never forget when we had to deal with our first patient that passed away while under the care of our company. It was a hospice case so of course it was expected, but what I did not expect was for Becky to leave her church meeting, drive over 50 miles to not only console the family (and our CNA), but to also help the hospice team as they cleaned up the patient.   With my background in social work, I have always wanted our team to be available for the family and for all the aspects of the client’s care.  Becky manages to not only be superb around clinical needs, but she also has the ability to empathize and make each family feel the care of their loved one is of the upmost importance.

Most BrightStar owners would think that if you found a nurse like Becky that had these incredible qualities of compassion, nursing skills, and team leadership then it would be “par for the course” that the area of paperwork compliance may not be her strongest suit. I am thrilled to report that in our case this is not true.  Becky worked tirelessly preparing for our most recent Joint Commission survey.   She was very highly complemented by the surveyor who came to visit. This is the same surveyor who goes to many of the BrightStar locations.   Our surveyor went as far to say that the book that Becky had prepared for Joint Commission was the best she had seen!   She even followed up after a home visit to tell Ken and I privately that Becky was a jewel and an incredibly strong Director of Nursing.  Of course, this was a fact we were truly aware of!

After five years of service it would be impossible to even begin to express our appreciation for Becky.  I will end this nomination with one final quote from the Press Ganey surveys…

  • Becky Morosky was the best, always on top of things - a tremendous asset to the company.

Please consider Becky Morosky, RN DON for the recognition of Nurse of the Year.   It is an honor she is absolutely deserving of.