West Nurse of the Year 2015

Becky McClennan

West Region

Boise, ID Office

Becky McLennan is an AMAZING nurse! I, as an owner, have been so blessed to have her as part of my team since day one. We know how rare it is to have that kind of consistency with nurses at BrightStar Care. This is just one of the many reasons I am nominating her for Nurse of the Year.

Becky began with our company as a PRN nurse on our bench. When my first DON took a teaching position at the university, she applied for the open position. She had not worked in home care before and had not been nursing as long as some of our other applicants, but her “go get em” attitude impressed me and I thought she possessed the passion we needed. I could have not predicted what a valuable team member she would become.

Becky is very open and positive. She is first to step up and handle customer complaints demonstrating incredible skill as a fireman which is invaluable to me as an owner. Since experiencing periods of high growth the last months, Becky has jumped in and done both the living room visit and nursing assessment when I have been needed at another living room visit. Yes, my nurse can sell and close!

Becky serves with passion. She is willing to open clients, do assessments, or coach staff on a new case morning, noon, night or weekend. Some might say she is better than 24/7 she is 25/8. Just two weeks ago, one of our field nurses was unable to go to see a national account client on a Sunday due to a family emergency. She dropped everything to drive more than an hour to this very rural client. She spent countless hours that night on the phone with the family and the interpretive services, as this client only spoke Spanish. This is a skill Becky, unlike the nurse she was covering, does not possess.

Becky always acts to do the right thing. I have seen her put more bedside hours in with a family assessing a new client only to have the client pass before she even leaves. She spends countless hours making sure hospice services are brought aboard, beds and commodes are in place, and families have peace of mind. She advocates for the clients when no one else will. She finds clients new doctors when their old physicians don’t understand dementia or she brings doctors to them if they can’t leave their homes and need their medications re-evaluated. She spends time writing letters to guardians and trust managers so they understand the changes needed in care and offers all the supporting documents they need to make those changes so we can provide that “Higher Standard of Care”. Recently, one of our trust managers we work with stated that they call BrightStar Care because of Becky. They said, “When we call BrightStar, we get the best care manager in the valley in Becky.”

Becky always does what she says. On a call with a distraught son that lived out of town, she promised him we would take care of his dad and would be there for him. Jack had been admitted to the hospital. When Jack was stressed about not being able to return home because he feared his bed was too high, Becky agreed to go to the store and buy him a new bed…and she did.

Becky specializes in making it great. She is someone who practices what she preaches. She leads the staff in their educational and improvement efforts. She is always learning and takes staffing shifts with our local facilities periodically just so she can “keep her skills sharp”. She personally coaches the entire team on a new case so everyone feels prepared and has opportunities to ask questions if something is not clear to them on the plan of care. I don’t even know what to say about her attention to detail other than to say it is outstanding. I am not the only one who thinks so either. She has gotten us through two Joint Commission surveys successfully. In this last one, our surveyor stated she has been doing this for seven years now and had not seen a better run private care agency…and that we owe much of this to our outstanding DON, Becky.

Becky occupies a position of leadership in our local office and for the overall BrightStar Care brand. She has attended every Branch Leadership Conference since joining the team and has served on a panel. She willingly helps neighboring offices by interviewing their prospective DON candidates, having new DONs shadow her for days at a time, coaching other DONs on Joint Commission survey excellence, and has done a ride along for a new corporate team member so that they could see clinical excellence in practice. I like to speak in terms of T. E. A.M. that Together Everyone Achieves Miracles and she is leading in so many ways to make that happen.

I do not know if there are words to thank her for all she has done for me, all the times she has gone above and beyond for our clients, or all she has done to bring out the very best in our field staff. Though I may not be able to adequately thank her, it would be incredible to be able to have her recognized and celebrated for the amazing nurse she is….as our BrightStar Nurse of the Year.