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Where do I belong in Delray Beach?

There inevitably comes a point when your geriatric loved ones can no longer live safely on their own; and oftentimes, family members don’t believe they can adequately care for them. When this happens, families are faced with seemingly impossible choices. But where do you start?
The seemingly obvious solution is to place them in a “home”. Many people consider one of the many nursing homes or Assisted Living communities in South Florida, thinking they are pretty much the same thing. However, this isn’t the case. And what if your loved one is incapable of moving, or does not want to? Or if they have Dementia and require specialized care? If you need to find a care solution for your elderly loved one, you need to understand the options.

Staying home, in most cases, will likely be the most requested option for someone who will be receiving care. Most seniors go out of their way to ask their loved ones to “let them” stay at home; and depending on the kind of care your loved one needs, and with some help from an accredited agency like BrightStar Care® of Delray Beach, staying home can be a realistic option for those in the the greater Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach area! From personal care needs, to skilled care, the right Agency can make a World of Difference. Just think: if you were ill, would you feel like it was the right time to move? Or would you want to recover in the comfort of your own Home?

Assisted Living, or senior living communities, are for individuals who are generally independent but need some help with everyday living. On the other hand, nursing homes are for older adults who need full-time medical supervision because they have mental or physical conditions that prevent them from caring for themselves. Though the terms are commonly used interchangeably, there are actually some major differences between an Assisted Living community and a Nursing Home in Florida! These differences can range from the medical services provided, and the setup of the facility. In a nursing home, residents typically have health problems that require assistance from a nurse or therapist. Some are so ill that they need respiratory care. In contrast, residents in assisted living may have memory or mobility problems and only need help with medication management or moving around the facility and chose to live their because of the social atmosphere.
Differences aside, both facilities are aimed at ensuring residents feel safe, secure, and healthy. No matter where your loved one lives, they should have healthy, balanced meals and snacks that take their individual dietary needs into consideration. They should also have access to activities that enrich them mentally, physically and emotionally.

Deciding where’s best for your Loved One

Home is a great option if:

  • Your loved one is verbal about wanting to remain in their comfort zone; as long as the environment is safe, and conducive to do so
  • Your loved one has early stage- Dementia and will have a hard time adjusting to a new routine and environment
  • You have the financial means necessary, or a Long-Term Care insurance policy that will help to ease the burden of paying for care
  • You want to maintain your independence as long as possible

Assisted living, or senior living, communities are for individuals who are generally independent but need some help with everyday living. Assisted living is a good option for older adults who:

  • Are in good health now but will need assistance soon
  • Need help with bathing and dressing
  • Don’t need around-the-clock medical care but need minor nursing help or medication management
  • Want to live independently but don’t want to deal with managing a home
  • Want easy access to social activities

Nursing homes are best for elderly people who:

  • Can’t feed themselves
  • Have chronic illnesses that require constant care
  • Have progressive conditions like multiple sclerosis
  • Suffer from an injury and need extensive rehab
  • Need more interaction and assistance than a home health aide can provide

What is “right” is not a clear choice, and it’s different for everyone. BrightStar Care® of Delray Beach knows how overwhelming the responsibility of finding quality care can be; and we know that healthcare is never "one-size fits all." Each member of our team is committed to delivering A Higher Standard of Care for each and every family in our Community. We believe it is our mission to ensure you and your loved ones have all the tools and information you need to make the best decision for your family. Know that it is okay to ask for help from an accredited Agency such as BrightStar Care of Delray Beach® if the physical demands become too much. If there’s anything you need at any point in time during your decision-making, please do not hesitate to contact our team; able to be reached 24/7 at 561.921.0550.