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Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to caring for your loved one as if they were family. Get to know our team.

  • Kathy Sutton, RN

    Director of Patient Care Services

    I am our clinical expert as well as a passionate and knowledgeable advocate who goes above and beyond for clients, families and staff to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality services, support and satisfaction.  I lead and manage our care process and mentor care staff to empower their success.  I assure care is coordinated between services and that all client needs are identified through the assessment process and addressed through implementation of the Plan of Care and supervisory process.  

    How long have you been a nurse?

    I have been a nurse for over 28 years, or "since the 1900's," as my kids would say!  And, I would never change a thing!  I became a CNA at the age of 20, and this was the spark I needed to finally choose a lifelong and satisfying career in nursing.  I immediately fell in love with the intimacy that comes with caring for others.  I have wholeheartedly loved each patient, family member, physician, nurse and caregiver that I have had the privilege to encounter.   Being a nurse has showed me one valuable lesson about myself:  I simply love people!

    What expertise and experience do you bring to BrightStar Care?

    I have worked in many different specialties:  ER, ICU, brain trauma, acute rehab, skilled nursing, hospice and now - home care.  I believe my experience has brought me to a place in life where I can confidently claim expertise in relating to others.  Nursing has helped me to sharpen character traits such as patience, grace, kindness, wisdom and encouragement.  I thoroughly enjoy working with challenging cases and ensuring that the optimal outcome is achieved for all.  I am tenderhearted with a passion for personal connection.  Being a nurse has not only been a privilege but a life-changing journey. 

    What part of your job are you most passionate about?

    The patients - for sure!  I am like a Mama Bear when it comes to those under my care.  Those seeking medical attention, treatment and assistance deserve top notch care at all times.  Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I sure like to try to make any and all medical experiences where I am involved pleasant and memorable.  I strive to have patients fondly remember their time in my presence as fondly as I remember my time in theirs.  

    What are three unique strengths you bring to BrightStar Care?

    1. Enthusiasm – I am energetic, excited and ready to roll each and every day!
    2. Compassion – I simply love loving on others. 
    3. Encouragement - Everyone needs a kind word now and then, and I’m always ready to hand out the praise.
    Kathy Sutton, RN
  • Susie Sweiger

    Owner/Executive Director
    I manage all aspects of office operations from recruiting to scheduling, billing, payroll and customer service.

    I hold a bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology, and I’ve worked my whole life to improve the lives of those in the community I serve.  I’ve been an educator, mother, Girl Scout Leader and volunteered my time to help those in need.  My journey into home care began when my father suffered multiple strokes.  He needed intense care for months, and there was no one to even help us understand what our home care options were.  I learned a lot from supporting dad and helping to plan and implement his care. Helping support and guide others through that stress and confusion is now my calling.
    Susie Sweiger
  • Dan Sweiger

    When a health crisis occurs, it's common to feel overwhelmed and unsure.  I can help you navigate these unfamiliar waters.  I'm well connected in the North County healthcare community, and I'm happy to help you find answers, access helpful resources, and connect you with experts from a variety of fields.  I also support the healthcare community through participating in The National Aging In Place Council, San Diego Dementia Consortium, Alzheimer's Association, and more. 

    I have a bachelor’s degree in communications, master’s degree  in business, and I’ve spent 20+ years leading marketing in Fortune 500 companies.  My specialty is focusing the organization on a higher purpose to deliver something much more meaningful than just the products & services we sell.  Much of my experience comes from the world of hospitality, where I developed a passion for outstanding customer service experience.  When Susie’s dad had his medical issues, I realized I could apply my skills and passion to providing a truly higher standard of care in home.  Now I wake up every day focusing on how we can make a real difference in the lives of all we serve.  Helping others is my privilege and our calling.
    Dan Sweiger
  • Estefania Matias

    Client Care Manager
    I coordinate our care services in collaboration with our clients, families, team, and other care partners to ensure the highest quality and most reliable in-home support services, excellent communication, and the highest levels of satisfaction throughout the entire process.  I support our mission to be the most accessible, and most supportive, home care agency for everyone in Coastal North County:  Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Fallbrook and Camp Pendleton.

    Estefania started as one of our very first caregivers when we opened in 2019.  Over the years, she’s proven herself to be an amazing caregiver and has been frequently praised by her clients.  Her hard work and dedication earned her a promotion to client care manager. Estefania manages the schedule, helps our nursing director with our skilled nursing patients, and assists HR activities like new hire onboarding. Her organizational skills were also a big part of why we got perfect scores on our Joint Commission and licensing reviews.
  • Megan Hobbs

    Client Care Manager

    I work with Stephanie to coordinate our care services in collaboration with our clients, families, team, and other care partners to ensure the highest quality and most reliable in-home support services, excellent communication, and the highest levels of satisfaction throughout the entire process.  I support our mission to be the most accessible, and most supportive, home care agency by managing the schedule and supporting our field-based care staff.

    Megan came to us with a wealth of caregiving experience and strong organization skills, and having been in the field helps her coordinate very effectively with everyone involved.  She comes from a military family, including her husband who is in the Marine Corps.  Her mom was a nurse, and watching her care for people inspired Megan to pursue a career in healthcare so she could help others too.

    Megan Hobbs, Scheduling Coordinator
  • Ellie Sweiger

    Human Resources Coordinator

    I provide critical support and coordination for a wide variety of HR activities including hiring, onboarding, background & credential checks, payroll, client care, scheduling, employee engagement and other important administrative tasks.

    While attending University of California at Berkeley, Ellie worked for us off and on during her school breaks. She proved her value in a variety of capacities, both in the field and in the office. And, now that she has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ellie has returned to us fulltime as Human Resources Coordinator.

    Ellie Sweiger

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