Winter Checklist for Seniors BrightStar Care Homecare in the Mt Airy Frederick Maryland

December 22, 2023

Winter Checklist for Seniors

Winter can be a time of great joy and celebration! With all the festivities and fun, it can be a wonderful time of reunion.  However, it can also be a time of year when safety risks are a little higher than usual. Potentially frozen roads and dropping temperatures can mean dangers outside. Sometimes being unable to leave the house due to icy or snowy conditions may mean depending on the resources you have inside the house.
What are some ways to prepare for winter and stay safe in the coming months of cold weather? Here are some ideas.


Preparing the inside of your home is a way to stay cozy and safe all winter long. 

First Aid Kit

Having a fully stocked first aid kit is a necessity when it comes to winter for seniors. In the event that something should happen, make sure you’re ready with bandages, thermometers, alcohol and peroxide, ice packs, scissors, and tape. While you’re at it, post a list of emergency numbers on the side of your first aid kit in case an accident needs a bit more assistance.

Stock up on your medications. Most pharmacies will issue a 90-day supply of medication each time you refill. 

Stock the Pantry

Make sure to have the pantry stocked with canned goods like soup, beans, and other quick and easy meals. Keep the freezer stocked too. Easy-heat meals are a great way to make sure you’re getting enough to eat, even when it’s too cold or icy to go to the store.

Bottled Water

A few flats of bottled water will mean safe drinking water if/when pipes freeze. 

Extra Blankets

Keeping a few extra blankets around the house can help you keep nice and warm even when it’s cold outside. In the event of a power outage, these blankets will come in handy.


Making sure you’re warm is very important. Hypothermia is very real and is common among seniors. 


Keep flashlights around in the event of power outages, or even icy walks to take the garbage to the curb in the dark. If possible, try to get these outdoor errands done during the daylight.


Speaking of the great outdoors, there’s a lot to do out there to be ready for the season. 

Shovel and Salt Walkways and Driveways

It can also be a good idea to keep extra bags of salt around to apply more salt when ice and snow come back. You can even carry a little with you in a baggie when you walk so that you can sprinkle it down if you encounter an icy path.

When it does snow, make sure to shovel (or ask for help from a friend or neighbor) as soon as possible so things to freeze over and become even more dangerous.

Layer up

Wearing warm layers is a great way to make sure you’re staying warm outside. But if you get too warm, you can remove a layer or two.

Stretch Before Walking

Your muscles will thank you if they’re all stretched out before going out into the cold.

Winter-Friendly Shoes

Make sure you have boots and shoes with tread. Keep handy some non-skid shoes or boots and wear them every time you go outside. It only takes one misstep to create big problems.

Walkers and Canes

If you use a walker or a crane, make sure to replace the rubber stoppers on the tips. This will reduce the risk of a fall.

Light and Mental Health

The winter can be a time of isolation and that can lead to loneliness. Not only that, there are fewer hours of sunlight each day and that can lead to sad feelings. It’s a great idea to keep lights on in your house, so you can see where you’re going, and you can even find UV lights that simulate sun exposure.

Try to get out and see friends and family when you can. When the sun comes out, even sitting in a sunny window with a good book can feel amazing.

If you do start feeling the winter doldrums, make a call, talk to family, friends, and/or a therapist. 
Take care of yourself, get enough sleep, and enjoy this festive season!

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