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About BrightStar Care® of Greater Chester County

We offer a wide range of home care and medical staffing services in the Greater Chester County area. Let us help you find the right support to fit your unique needs.

How BrightStar Care Became the Perfect Opportunity  

The Greater Chester County office is owned and operated by Bob Ouellette, who had a very successful 30+ year career as a senior executive in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. As with many things in life, our personal experiences shape what is truly important to us and what motivates us to achieve significance over success. For Bob, that calling came with the passing of his mother.

Bob’s mother was a nurse who went on to earn a master’s degree and a doctorate. She then became a professor of nursing at Boston College, specializing in neurological brain decline and traumatic brain injury. In a darkly ironic twist, she ended up developing Alzheimer’s disease in the later stages of her life. Bob and his sister faced a series of challenges in securing the care their mother needed to ensure she could age in the comforts of home, alongside her husband. Multiple home care operators could provide a certain level of home care, but never to the level his parents needed as their needs grew increasingly complex with time. This difficult experience sparked Bob’s desire to purchase a business that would both carry on his mother’s legacy while providing a way to enrich the quality of life for those who need care but want to remain in the comfort of their own home.

After researching the market, Bob chose to open BrightStar Care of Greater Chester County so he could provide the full continuum of care to the community while focusing on a Higher Standard of care delivery and reliability. He then built out a team of like-minded individuals to join the cause, with everyone focused on the goal of truly making a difference in the lives we serve. We are now proudly serving the Greater Chester County area to provide your loved ones with the care they need, with the compassion they deserve.

Serving the people and organizations in our communities

At BrightStar Care of Greater Chester County, we believe in giving more. Not only to the people we serve, but also to our community. We do it through a variety of high-quality, compassionate care and unparalleled support for our local healthcare system—making our clients’ best lives possible and the Greater Chester County community stronger than ever. Now that’s what we call, “A higher standard.”

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