Maricon Ocampo
2021 Caregiver of the Year Awards: Home Care, West

Maricon Ocampo

Donna D. says that Maricon Ocampo is a “natural born caregiver” who lives the BrightStar Care mission “to go above and beyond to truly delivery a higher standard of home care.” Citing Maricon’s integrity, passion, professionalism, warmth and humility, Donna feels blessed to have a caregiver who helps her with activities of daily living and fills her days with joy. In addition to providing top-notch care for Donna’s injury and recovery, Maricon also inspires Donna to bring her creative ideas to fruition. Simply put, Maricon is “the best of the best” and epitomizes the BrightStar Care core values. 

Nomination Letter

Written by Donna D., the client 

My initial impression of Maricon was WOW she would be PERFECT for a BrightStar Care commercial or training video. Maricon introduced herself the way I would expect a Role Model Caregiver to do. Maricon politely knocked and entered my room poised and well mannered, upon her introduction she was very personable and still is. I can tell by her behavior that her reputation means a lot to her. 

Maricon’s personality is warm, friendly, respectful, empathetic, compassionate, responsible and diligent, trustworthy and honorable, etc. Maricon displays high integrity, her word is her bond, and she maintains excellence in every task she performs. I could go on and on, but it will take up too many pages to list them all. I was recently injured and currently require professional caregiving services to perform all ADLs. Maricon consistently WALKS the TALK of BrightStar Care’s Core Values and Mission Statement from day one and continues to. Maricon has the unique ability to integrate business professionalism while making an emotional connection with her client. Maricon genuinely deeply really cares, which is a feeling that can’t be faked. Maricon treats me with the utmost dignity and respects my ideas. She assists me with fruition of my creative inventions; together we make a great team. 

Maricon DESERVES PEDESTAL / SPOTLIGHT RECOGNITION for an array of reasons. Under Maricon’s care I experienced the “WOW FACTOR EFFECT,” she is UTTERLY AMAZING. Maricon is highly skilled and can solve any problem that she is presented with. Maricon is the 1st and only Caregiver that used outside the box thinking skills to ensure I receive total care from head to toe. Instead of skipping steps, like everyone else did, Maricon modified her own routine to better suit my care needs. The level of Maricon’s outstanding performance is sustained as part of her normal daily routine. I informed Maricon of how wonderful she is and thanked her for caring about me so much, however Maricon is extremely humble, upon my attempts to compliment her she stops me. She feels undeserving of such praise. From her point of view she did nothing for me that she wouldn’t do for another. She takes her job very seriously, Caregiving is her Career of Choice. Maricon’s humbleness inspired me to go above and beyond to document my praise in writing. Prior to my awareness of the Annual Award, I composed 2 Vertical Name Poems. One spells out MARICON, the other spells out BRIGHTSTAR CARE. Each line expresses a quality of service. I also submitted a 5 Star Yelp Review with similar message. 

My survey of Maricon’s Overall Service is ASTRONOMICAL. Maricon’s behavior is invaluable to BrightStar Care. Maricon should be treated as a “PRICELESS ASSET.” Clients can feel the difference between a CG that ACTS like they care and a GC that WHOLEHEARTEDLY DEEPLY TRULY Cares. I want to make sure that you are aware of this. Maricon is meticulous in performing her caregiving services, she created new ways of performing custodial care services to ensure I’m fully taken care of. Maricon is an excellent cook, she often surprises me with home-cooked meals that she made from scratch. 

Maricon’s mannerism is different from other caregivers. It’s hard to explain because I never experienced this before. Maricon is unique because she performs the care treatments and daily routine tasks in a manner, whereas she carries herself like a Role Model Caregiver and performs her services as if she was a nurturing loving family member and maintains the utmost professionalism all at the same time. Maricon is a “Natural Born Caregiver” she displays many characteristics of the Legendary Nurse Florence Nightingale. In my book Maricon is amongst The BEST of The BEST. 

Maricon elevates my mood and turns my frowns into smiles, tears into joy, she went WAY ABOVE and BEYOND to arrange my FIRST EVER SURPRISE Birthday Party. She made all the arrangements right under my nose and the surprise guests consisted of 2 of my friends and the part-time Covering Care staff. Maricon was smooth and hid this from me very well, as I was completely clueless. Prior to Maricon’s arrival to start her shift I was sad and crying because it was my birthday and for the first time in history, I was bedridden and unable to go anywhere to celebrate with family or friends. I saddened myself further by thinking this birthday was going to be the worst ever. Maricon changed the course of my mood upon the start of her shift. Maricon greeted me with a Beautiful Orchid Plant, 2 helium filled Happy Birthday balloons and said lunch will be on her, so she treated me to my favorite meal which happens to be Pizza. Upon the end of Maricon’s shift she said goodnight and I thought she left. However, as it turned out, Maricon waited outside for the other caregivers from her team to arrive with food and cake. I learned from the other CGs that Maricon cooked all the food from scratch for me prior to start of her shift. Maricon literally set her alarm to get up 3 hours earlier to cook all the food. It brought tears to my eyes to be treated like this. Every year I always had a Birthday Party, but it was never a surprise. I usually went out for dinner in restaurants. Due to circumstances of my injury, this was the first birthday I was unable to celebrate as I normally do. Maricon changed all this, she elevated my mood from doom and gloom. Maricon triggered the childlike exuberance in me and made my 2020 Birthday Celebration the BEST and HAPPIEST in the state of California. It was very SPECIAL and UNFORGETTABLE, thanks to Maricon.  

Maricon treats me with the utmost dignity and respects my ideas. She assists me with fruition of my creative inventions, together we make a great team. It has been a Blessing to have BrightStar Care and Maricon in my life. She deserves a “Shower of Gifts” bestowed upon her as the recipient of the BEST and BRIGHTEST Caregiver of the Year for 2021.