Ryan Peterson
2021 Caregiver of the Year Awards: Home Care, Midwest

Ryan Peterson, CNA

Being a successful caregiver can be a delicate balancing act and Byron M. says that CNA Ryan Peterson has mastered that nuance. Although Ryan is committed to carrying out the services in Byron’s care plan, he’s also in tune with his client knowing when Byron needs to rest or ease into his activities. Beyond physical needs, the men have bonded over Ryan’s art and Byron’s cats. Since Byron lives with his daughter, it could create a difficult situation for some caregivers – but not Ryan. He easily blends into the family and even rearranged his schedule to stay with Byron when the family went on a trip. Byron says that BrightStar Care should be proud that Ryan represents them. And we are! 

Nomination Letter

Written by Byron M., the client 

My first impression of Ryan was his compassionate, caring, understanding ways. He is always on time at my home to care for me. We connect so well through my artwork, which Ryan understands and is self reliant when he works with me. I see Ryan a professional that BrightStar Care St. Croix Valley can be very proud of! 

Ryan is very experienced with the care he provides for me. He does not push me when I have my bad days. He knows when I have to rest due to my health condition and mental compacity and comes back to the task. He always completes the care services that are assigned. Ryan understands when help is needed and lets me be as independent as I can be. That is very important to me. Ryan is flexible when he needs to be and is very organized. Ryan knows when I have a need without me always asking. He is respectful when we do my showers and that is very important to me. 

Not only does Ryan get involved with my artwork and has allowed me to teach him how to do some art (and he is excellent at it), he also is very good with my cats! He likes them and that is important to me. A time that Ryan went over and above the Care Plan, with approval from BrightStar Care of St. Croix Valley, was when my adult family wanted to take a 6-day trip and I did not want to stay alone. (My daughter lives with me and is with me at night.) To prevent the family from missing their trip, Ryan came and stayed with me, rearranging his full schedule of other clients so they could be cared for also. Ryan put his life on hold, and came and stayed with me, allowing my family of 12 to go on their family vacation! My family and I are forever grateful for Ryan and what he has brought into my life and theirs. Ryan has always gone above and beyond to help make this happen. 

I don't ever need any strangers in my life as long as we have Ryan and that means more than anyone would ever understand. He is accepted by my whole family! With Ryan as my caregiver, it is like having two pairs of eyes. If he sees something that my daughter or I don't notice about my health, he follows the correct channels to make me and my family aware of the issue. This is very important. Ryan has to deal with a family that lives in the house with me. This does not bother him. For example, if there are some dishes or trash that might not be only from me, but maybe the rest of the family, he couldn’t care less, he attends to them anyway. When the nurse comes to do her reassessment and Ryan is here, he does not interfere with her work, he goes and does other things that needs to be done – again, being flexible. Ryan started a notebook for me, so I could record my vitals when he takes them, as then I know at all times what they read. It’s as important as my artwork that we do together. I will find a way for you to see the beautiful artwork that he has learned that I do. Ryan is not here providing services for me, for his paycheck, he is in my home helping me and my family because of his gentle heart and caring ways. 

It is because of him that I can live with my family who works full-time and my family can have me here where I am happy! This is a small part of why I think Ryan is so deserving of the Caregiver of the Year Award!