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Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to caring for your loved one as if they were family. Get to know our team.

  • Steven Lee

    Owner, President
    Steven and his wife, Alison, opened BrightStar Care of Honolulu in 2010.

    Steven is a "local boy" who graduated from Aiea High School and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hawaii.

    After over 20 successful years in the mortgage industry, Steven felt a yearning to seek a more meaningful career where he felt he could truly make a difference. Initially unfamiliar with the home care industry and the services home care provided, Steven and Alison became aware of the need for a high-quality provider of private duty in-home care in Hawaii.

    They chose to bring BrightStar Care, a proven organization with a demonstrated commitment to a higher standard of care, to serve the local community.

    In 2015, Steven and Alison experienced the need for home care services first hand, when Steven's dad was in the end stages of cancer. Despite wanting to do everything herself, Steven's mom found that having a BrightStar Care caregiver to provide respite helped to ease the burden and allow her to focus on making her final moments with her husband the best they could be.

    Steven is proud to offer BrightStar Care's high-quality services to the community.
  • Alison Lee

    Owner, Director
    Alison and her husband, Steven, opened BrightStar Care of Honolulu in 2010.

    Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Alison is a graduate of Punahou School and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University.

    After working in the financial services industry for over a decade, Alison was a stay-at-home mom to her and Steven's three children for eight years. With two physicians for parents, Alison grew up around the medical field, and was inspired by the difference her parents' care made in their patients' lives. 

    After making the decision to bring BrightStar Care to Hawaii with her husband, Steven, they brainstormed their vision together and the "Hoku'alohi Promise" was born:
    "We promise to provide the kind of care we would want for our own loved ones; to be compassionate, empathetic, patient & kind, while providing reliable, trustworthy, and top-notch, professional home care."
    It is this promise that has become our "North Star" which guides every action and decision in our organization.
  • Rachelle Cabrillas, BSN, RN

    Director of Nursing
    Rachelle was born in the Philippines and raised across the world throughout her father’s military career before her family settled in Hawaii. She attended high school in Hawaii and completed her LPN, ADN-RN, and BSN through the University of Hawaii system.

    Prior to obtaining her nursing license, Rachelle worked at a health office, obtained her phlebotomy certification and was first exposed to homecare and onboarded with BrightStarCare as a caregiver after completing CNA school in 2011. Rachelle has worked in various fields in nursing from psych case management, long-term care, correctional nursing, acute care, and home care.

    Rachelle returned to home care because she loves helping families in home and building an in-depth knowledge of each client’s needs and strong rapport built over time. “I believe that providing quality care in-home and supporting clients through various changes, eases the fear and difficulty and gives a greater safety and security, and in turn a greater quality of life.”

    She wants BrightStarCare of Honolulu clients and caregiver to know “I will listen to you and ensure you are provided the care that you need and deserve.”
  • Lily Hui

    Director of Operations
    Lily Hui joined BrightStar Care of Honolulu in 2021. Born in Guangzhou, China, Lily moved to Hawaii and graduated high school from La Pietra. She graduated with Highest Honors from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese. Lily has traveled and studied in China and Japan and is a proficient multilinguist.

    Lily is passionate about supporting and caring for employees. She says, “I truly believe that excellent service starts with the people. If our employees are taken care of, they bring their best to work, and can in turn deliver the best service to our clients and their families.”

    Lily was attracted to home care because of the higher level of service and complex and unique opportunities that can be provided to clients and their families that cannot be found in hospitals or nursing homes.

    Lily would like BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients and employees to know, “I am committed to approach employees, clients, and all situations with empathy and care. I want to contribute to fostering a positive, high achieving environment where employees are cared for and enabled to do their best work, and clients and families are receiving the best level of service where all their needs are met and more.”
  • Janet L. Howell, BSN, RN

    Clinical Care Coordinator
    Janet was born in California and moved to Hawaii in 2020 to support her son’s budding military family. She received her Associate of Nursing from Tyler Junior College in Tyler, TX and her Bachelorette of Nursing degree from the University of Texas, Arlington.
    Janet has worked in various health-care fields for the last 30 years. From an Emergency Medical Technician to Hospital Heart Monitor Technician, to Emergency Room RN, to an at-home pediatric nurse; Janet brings her comprehensive and diverse experiences to the BrightStar Care team. She has the training and experience to address any health care emergency.
    Janet has dedicated her life to ensuring everyone can enjoy life in their home and with their families because clients that are able to stay in their own homes have a better quality of life in my opinion. She says, “all of my clients deserve to have the highest quality of life, we ensure this only by treating our clients as if they were our own family”
    She wants BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients and caregivers to know “I will take care of your loved ones as if they were my family.”
  • Ellie Cole

    Client Experience Manager
    Ellie was born and raised in Arizona. She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, and a minor in Special Events Management. While gaining experience in customer service and event coordination, she realized her passion for helping others through her work and building positive, lasting relationships with clients.
    Ellie loves to go to the beach, read great books, walk her dog "Spock", and workout at the gym or take a challenging hike.
    Ellie is mission-driven, and excited to work for BrightStar Care of Honolulu. "It is my goal to build real relationships with each of our clients and their families. I want to truly understand their needs, so we can go above and beyond their care expectations."
  • U'i Tyrell

    Employee Experience Manager
    U'i was born and raised in Aiea, Hawaii, and is a graduate of Aiea High School. She also attended the University of Hawaii and University of Oregon.

    U'i brings over 11 years of experience in office management, HR, corporate training, and payroll administration.

    U'i was attracted to the home care industry because she loves helping others, giving encouragement and support. She says, "I absolutely love helping and serving others. Encouraging someone, making them feel cared for, valued, and acknowledged is something I strive to do every day!"

    She wants BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients and caregivers to know, " I am here for you. to help support and encourage".
  • Soledad Bitanga

    Soledad Bitanga was born and raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii and is a proud alumnus of the Henry J Kaiser Cougars. Shortly after high school, Soledad got married and moved away to Great Falls, Montana and lived there for 4 years.  

    After returning back home to Oahu, she started a family and is now a single mother of twin sons. Soledad is the youngest of seven children and as a teenager, the caregiving world became a part of her life through her mother. Her mother was a “favorite” amongst many private in-home clients as well as in the facility setting, such as Pohai Nani. Her mother also took in several foster children, so helping others in various capacities were a big part of her life. 

    Soledad has 25 years of experience in providing high quality customer service, patient experience and staff management, in both the medical and dental field. She thrives in building relationships, helping others succeed and just simply connecting with anyone she comes in contact with. 

    She wants BrightStarCare of Honolulu clients and caregivers to know that she enjoys bringing joy to peoples' lives by being a good listener, offering encouragement and making people laugh. After losing her mom to cancer and her only sister to a heart attack, she takes pride in playing a part in giving people an opportunity to have the best quality of life! 
  • Genelyn Campasas

    Scheduling Coordinator
    Genelyn was born in Zamboanga Del Norte and raised on the island of Negros Oriental, Philippines.
    She is a graduate of Negros Oriental State University and with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Management.
    Her 11 years of working experience includes being a Customer Service Representative. She then worked as a receptionist in a hotel and got her experience in working administrative tasks for almost two years.
    Genelyn enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and she’s a fan of travel and long drives. She is also adventurous when it comes to food.
    She wants BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients and caregivers to know. “I am grateful to be part of this company to be able to provide care and support. To all our field staff, I am rooting for all that you do. I am here to answer and take your request.”
  • Hazel Campasas

    Payroll and Billing Specialist
    Born and raised in the Philippines, Hazel joined Brightstar Care Honolulu team in 2022. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from Negros Oriental State University in the Philippines and eventually was certified as a public accountant. 
    After more than 8 years of experience in providing accounting services in the real estate industry, she sought for new experience and was attracted to home care industry for the values it holds that focuses on compassion which provides warmth to the lives of its client. 
    She wants BrightStar Care of Honolulu clients and caregivers to know," I will go an extra mile to be able to represent the values and maintain the quality of services BrightStar Care provides."
  • Jay Ned Gurit

    Administrative Assistant
    Jay Ned was born and raised on the island of Mindanao, Philippines.
    He graduated from North Davao College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. He has experience working as a piano and music teacher, an administrative freelancer, and as a Customer Service Representative.

    Jay Ned enjoys travel, long drives, and discovering new local places. In his free time, he loves to read books and watch Youtube.
    He considers being part of BrightStar Care of Honolulu truly a blessing. He says, "Although I was not able to practice my degree in Nursing, by being a part of BrightStar, I will still be able to provide care and support to our Nurses and Caregivers. For that, I am grateful."
  • Maria Semblante

    Administrative Assistant
    Maria was born in Manila and raised in Davao, Philippines. Maria is a proud graduate of the University of Mindanao with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
    Maria started her career journey in the hospitality industry. She worked in the industry for 6 years, honing her customer service skills and developed a passion for the field. Maria was recognized for her hard work, determination, and was quickly promoted. Maria has held various management positions and earned recognition for her exceptional client experience and team-oriented approach.
    Maria is eager to bring her experience to BrightStar Care of Honolulu. She is committed to providing clients and employees with the 5-Star Care Experience they deserve and is thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic organization. Maria is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work, making a difference in the lives of those around her. 
  • Carla Fernandez

    After-Hours Client Care Coordinator
    Carla has been with BrightStar Care of Honolulu since 2011.

    Carla is a “local girl,” born and raised in Aiea, Hawaii. Carla is a graduate of Aiea High School and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, as well as an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

    Carla has over a decade of experience in sharing her compassion and excellence in the healthcare field. Carla shares that "Working in home care has allowed me to feel that I can help make a difference in the lives of many families. I may not be the one physically helping the loved ones, but I feel that by listening and talking with the families I am helping them emotionally. With so much going on in the world, the families need that reassurance that we are here to help."

    Though our clients' and caregivers' interactions with Carla are limited to after-hours and holidays, she is a favorite among everyone.

    A little known fact about Carla is that she is an avid photographer who loves to take all kinds of photos. She once took a week-long family trip to Vancouver BC (before the days of digital cameras) and used 12 rolls of film!

    Carla is very devoted and loving to her family, and she works very hard to take care of them.

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