At Home Post-Op & After Surgery Home Care

When someone undergoes surgery, chemotherapy or another treatment for chronic disease management, or they suffer a significant physical trauma such as an accident, it can take time for them to regain their ability to get around on their own and manage their daily activities once again.

Until then, BrightStar is there — with the resources, care and support that help our clients restore health and independence, and get back to living their lives.

Our post-op, post-treatment and rehabilitative care services include:

Daily Living Assistance
Our caregivers can help with a wide range of daily activities, including preparing meals, assisting with bathing and dressing, and running errands such as grocery shopping and filling prescriptions. We can also assist our clients with rehabilitative activities, walking and exercise programs.

Fall Prevention
Falls can cause additional injury to the body, hindering the healing process following surgery or treatment. BrightStar provides prevention assistance — including helping patients to the bathroom at night — to prevent falls and promote healing.

Medication Monitoring
BrightStar offers medication management services that ensure appropriate use — as well as the comfort and safety of patients — all while optimizing healing. Our caregivers are also trained to recognize and manage the signs of adverse or allergic reactions.

Wound Care
Infection can delay recovery and prompt further complications for individuals with post-op, acute or chronic wounds. BrightStar provides comprehensive wound care to prevent infection and encourage healing, by ensuring a clean and sterile environment, changing dressings and providing nutritional support.